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Zuo ji duck rice and porridge 作记鸭饭.鸭粥

Zuo ji duck rice and porridge 作记鸭饭.鸭粥

Duck rice best served with yam rice but Zuo ji duck rice chosen to go with white rice and their special gravy cooked rice. The rice is much darker than the traditional yam rice but flavoursome, may be the uniqueness in the rice helps them differentiated from other ordinary duck rice stalls and have their name found in the hall of fame.

zuo ji duck rice 1

Zuo ji duck rice and porridge

zuo ji duck rice 2

The gravy was muddy thick and can hold without dripping like water, the braised duck meat was tendered and savoury but what is outstanding and catching our attention was really the rice.

zuo ji duck rice 3

When doused with the gravy, you can simply slurp up a plate of rice without even the supplement of duck, eggs or tau poh. Drawback of the stall includes the chili sauce, not as good as what we expect and Zuo Ji does not serve any soup to go with the rice, something could be particular for duck rice lovers.


zuo ji duck rice 4

 Zuo ji duck rice and porridge 作记鸭饭.鸭粥

Address: East Coast Lagoon Food Village, #01-29, 1220 East Coast Parkway



  1. Ate at Zuo ji duck rice and porridge 6 weeks ago. No aroma at all. I would not even list it.
    we won’t go back..

    Looks like standard bouncing up and down.

    Same for the satay bee hoon there, total disaster

  2. Allan, as you mentioned, the std could go up and down, this is always a challenge when come to food review. The satay bee hoon has changed the ownership and likewise the recipe, so not a surprise the standard drop.


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