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Zhi Xiang Special Lor Mee @Toa Payoh 

Zhi Xiang Special Lor Mee

The word “special” already attracts our attention and curiosity.

The “special” is not in the bowl of lor mee. In fact, you get all the usual toppings like hard-boiled egg, Ngoh Hiang, fish cake slices, bean sprouts, choice of braised fatty pork belly or the braised lean pork. chopped garlic, sambal chilli and chinese coriander.

Toa Payoh

The “lor” or the gravy is the soul of a good lor mee. Zhi Xiang Special Lor Mee serves the traditional thick and rich gravy style of lor mee and we agree that it has a very well-seasoned gravy. Besides the right viscosity which was not too watery or starchy, the nice flavour of the gravy also gave the bowl of lor mee a good boost.

Zhi Xiang Special Lor Mee

While talking all about the bowl of lor mee, you cannot miss out meantioning the speciality of Zhi Xiang Special Lor Mee – the shoestring yam fries!

Served separately in a bowl, the deep-fried shoestring yam was indeed a nice complement to the bowl of lor mee. The yam has a hint of sweetness and the crispiness combined was simply addictive, you can choose to eat it on its own and it was just like munching a pack of Mamee.

Our Verdict

The shoestring yam fries from Zhi Xiang Special Lor Mee differentiates and creates uniqueness in the lor mee. Of course, the flavourful lor mee has earned our full endorsement as well. Definitely one of the better lor mee around.

Price: $3 /$4

Address: 93 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh, #01-49 Toa Payoh Market & Food Centre
Singapore 310093

Operating Hours: 4.45am to 2pm daily



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