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Zhao An Granny Grass Jelly 诏安祖传仙草粿

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Zhao An Best Grass jelly or Chin Chow 诏安祖传仙草粿

You may know the best soy beancurd (tao hua) in Singapore, but how about the best Chin Chow or grass jelly?

The scorching sun and high humidity in this tropical island all year round suit for dessert that is refreshing, cooling and mesmerizing. Chin Chow or grass jelly, make from stalks and leaves of Mesona chinensis (a mint family) boiled through hours to produce the jelly-like desserts. Chin Chow has been known for it medicinal properties or “cooling” property, this is an idea healthy dessert to be consumed during hot weather. Few ways how the dessert can be taken, the black translucent jelly can eat on its own or mix with soy bean drink to create the so called “Black & White” drink, this is always one of our favorite drinks.

Not easy to find a good Chin Chow or grass jelly in Singapore, best grass jelly must be silky smooth in texture, perfect firmness, right taste and the ability to keep you coming back. So far, we can only identify one that is able to live up to our expectation.

Zhao An Best Grass jelly or Chin Chow

Zhao An Best Grass Jelly 1

Zhao An Granny Grass Jelly probably is the best grass jelly or the best chin chow stall in Singapore. The grass jelly is just excellent in term of the extreme smooth texture; so smooth that you literally feel the grass jelly slipped down the throat just like ice skating. The perfectly controlled of the bitterness from the herb and the topping of the sugar syrup made the dessert a perfect detoxification food for the four gluttons. It was extremely exultant to enjoy such simple and beautiful dessert. Even our Ex-President Nathan loves it too.

Zhao An Best Grass Jelly 3

We need to thank the granny created this classic recipe that we all enjoy; it is our food heritage that hopefully can live on forever for the future generations to experience.

Zhao An Best Grass Jelly 2


Zhao An Best Grass Jelly 4

Zhao An Granny Grass Jelly


505 Beach Road, #01-58
Golden Mile Food Centre
Singapore 199583

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