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Yummy Rice Shop Review @Albert Centre Market & Food Centre

Yummy Rice Shop Review @Albert Centre Market & Food Centre

There are always chap cai png or cooked dishes stalls available in the local food centres. Good one are fairly rare, with most of them serving run-of-the-mill dishes. Among the cooked food stalls we have tried, Yummy Rice Shop is deemed to be one of the more impressive ones that was able to whip out plates of delicious dishes.

The stall is named Yummy Rice Shop in English, but the Chinese name sees a big difference, which can be translated into “Granny’s Rice shop”. The lady manning the stall looks much younger, not quite in the granny’s category but it implies the touch of tradition and home-cooked flavour.

You can go for the standard set, the Hainanese curry chicken set, Teochew braised pork set, good taste fish etc or go for the ala carte menu.

We ordered the ala carte which consisted of eggplant, omelette and pork chop doused with curry gravy, resembling the typical Hainanese curry rice.

The cooked dishes were tastefully done. From flavour to texture, it was filled with a distinctive Grandma’s art of cooking. Every bite was embraced with love and passion of an old granny. It warmed our hearts and we truly enjoyed this home-cooked taste.

Our verdict

Yummy Rice Shop definitely serves above average food, price is very reasonable and affordable. Most importantly, if you’re missing some home-cooked food, you can probably find some solace here.

Yummy Rice Shop

A: Albert Centre Market & Food Centre, 270 Queen Street #01-65, Singapore 180270

H: 10.30am-8.30pm daily, closed on Sundays


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