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Yong Huat @Alibabar – The Hawker Bar

Yong Huat @Alibabar – The Hawker Bar

It was a traditional eating house or coffeeshop in the past and went for a facelift, transforming the place into a modern bistro bar. The non air-conditioned shop has everything of a bistro bar equipped, TV screens broadcasting the sport events, English pop songs are played in the background, high chairs at the alfresco area and more than 70 brands of beer are available at your choice.
Yong Huat 6

The Hawker Bar may be westernized on its facade but the food stalls do offer both the western food, like burgers and wraps as well as Asian delights. There is a famous stall selling Thai Wanton mee and Yong Huat – a local food stall established since 1949 with its signature Teochew Fishball noodle, fried mee suan, fried kway teow, Hokkien prawn mee and other noodle related combinations.

Our objective of the trip is the Rochor Thai Wanton mee but realised it was closed for business on the day of visit. We turned our focus to Yong Huat and decided to give it a try.

Yong Huat Mee Pok dry $4/5/6

Yong Huat 4

The portion was reasonably big with the usual fishballs, sliced pork, shrimps and veggies as topping. Yong Huat started its business selling Teochew fishball noodle since 1949 provides some assurance to the quality and taste.

Yong Huat 5

Seasoning base sauce and noodle texture are pleasant, the soup was similar to the prawn mee broth which was sweet and tasty.

Yong Huat Fried Kway Teow $4/5/6

Yong Huat 3

The fried kway teow was a tad of sweet, topped with fish cake, cockles, lup cheong and vegetables. The charred flavour was not too distinctive but the overall fried kway teow aroma was acceptable with the lace of pork lard used.

Yong Huat Fried Mee Suan $4/6/8

Yong Huat 1

Supposed to be their signature but unfortunately we are not too impressed, the mee suan was lumpy and the seasoning was obviously unable to permeate into the mee suan. We expected a good charred flavour which is critical for a good fried mee suan but it was missing.

Yong Huat Fried Hokkien Mee $4/5/6

Yong Huat 2

Yong Huat is heavy-handed with the use of lard to intensify and lift up the overall aroma of the dish. Definitely sinful and bad for the waistline watchers but we were prepared to be succumbed by the temptation.

Our verdict

The Hawker Bar is nothing more than a local coffeeshop, and the attraction of quite a number of Angmohs symbolised the acceptance of the new concept. Be it enjoying a cold beer or tucking into grilled steaks or a plate of fried kway teow, it is a bizarre experience that is bound to be the future trend.

Yong Huat @ Alibabar

A: 125/127 East Coast Road, Singapore 428810

H: 8:00AM to 10:00PM

T: 96301370


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