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Yong Hua Handmade Fish Ball noodle 永华手工鱼圆肉丸面

Yong Hua Handmade Fish Ball Meat Ball Noodle 永华手工鱼圆肉丸面

I wrote in one of the food reviews about the fond memory of my all time favourite mee pok sold in my primary school’s canteen. And I did mention, the search for the old love will continue.


 My decades of searching finally end in one of the Saturday’s morning, at the Bedok South Food Centre, the old sweetheart fortuitously fallen into my path, she looked completely difference, no more the plain look that in my old memory but much well dressed up and elegant, I could not recognized her until the moment when she touched my lip and the tongue, oh no… this isn’t my old love that I have been searching for? The familiar chilli, the fish ball, the noodles, the seasoning, the taste…for the very moment, the childhood memories uncontrollably kept flashing through my mind, the excitement, the old sentiment, the blissful of finding a long lost friend is simply indescribable, it is just so sweet.


The stall has a big signboard illustrating the history of the stall and everything focus on their manmade fish balls, the fish balls are not round and to some extent ugly shaped, we know there is a famous ugly muffin selling like hotcake from the intentionally ugly shaped, then the fish balls here can named as ugly fish balls as well. The fish balls have a good texture and nice to the bite and taste, the meat balls are equally flavourful and with the perfect firmness, both balls are highly commendable.


What truly touches us not just the balls but the noodles with the fantastic seasoning and the perfectly cooked ingredients. The chilli which is my old love especially impressive, together with the seasoning, it blended so well with the noodles and other ingredients that harmonised everything in the bowl to make a big punch. It was so delicious that my chubby son mercilessly attacking my bowl of noodle even after slurping up a big plate of the curry rice on his own! Imagine how salivating the noodle can be. The soup served together with the noodle was equally delectable with the right sweetness and flavourful. 


The discovery of the nostalgia taste of this old good day noodles not only bring back the sweetest sentiment of the past, it sets this flavourful delicacy apart from others renowned stalls.

 I am determined to rekindle the passion with my old love.



Yong Hua Handmade Fish Ball Meat Ball Noodle 永华手工鱼圆肉丸面

Address: Bedok South Market and Food Centre, Blk 16 Bedok South Road, Stall #01-59

Operating Hours: Mon.-Sun. 10:00-23:00


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