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Yam Mee – Teochew Fishball Noodle / Mee 炎成潮州鱼丸面

Yam Mee – Teochew Fishball Noodle / Mee 炎成潮州鱼丸面


“Quite good.” My daughter responds after tasted the fishball noodle from the Yam Mee stall at Kovan Market and Food Centre, “No! No!” my chubby boy shaking his head vigorously, “Not quite good, is very good.” His reply amazed and confounded us, “Quite Good” “Very Good” Any difference???Anyway, we spent more than a whopping 40 minutes in the queue and the expectation has to be there.

yam mee 2

First of all, The Yam mee is not mee made of the “Yam” from the edible starchy tuberous root we are familiar from the plants, it is simply the traditional Teochew Fishball noodle sold by the “Yam” family.

Yam Mee – Teochew Fishball Mee

The mee pok fishball noodle we ordered was quite impressive, the topping came with fishballs, meat balls, fish cake, minced pork, mushroom, fresh vegetable and sprinkled of spring onions. We are very particular about the sauce and chili which is the centre of attention when it comes to fishball noodles. Yam mee has the right sauce and chili that blended exceptionally well with the noodle, the sauce and chili were able to bring out the essence of the mee pok and together complemented each other seamlessly well.

yam mee 3

The mee pok was cooked to the right texture, not too soggy or undercooked with the right level of firmness and springy to the bites. The fish balls, meat balls and the rest of the toppings were commendable, portion of the topping was generous as well. The accompanying soup was tasty with the appropriate amount of sweetness.

yam mee 4

Overall, this is a bowl of fishball noodle with quality ingredients and great taste. However, you will have to join the long queue and the needed patience for the delicacy. Anyway, isn’t good food worth the wait?

yam mee 1

Yam Mee – Teochew Fishball Mee 炎成潮州鱼丸面

Address: Kovan Market & Food Centre

Blk 209 Hougang Street 21, #01-35 Singapore 530209

Operating Hours: 7am till 3pm




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