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Kedai Kopi Xuu Yau Wanton Mee @ JB 品苑云吞面

Kedai Kopi Xuu Yau Wanton Mee @ JB 品苑云吞面

Right at the junction of Jalan Tan Hiok Nee and Jalan Pahang, this small eatery shop could easily be missed with it unattractive conventional single story old Kampong style zine roof top, wooden plank wall and chain link fencing setup. Xuu Yau Wanton Mee does not come with nice façade or setup to catch your attention comparing to the neaby eatery shops. It is an ordinary makan place seems to be more appealing to the local than the Singaporean or tourists; however, it may not be a bad thing for us to avoid the crowd or paying higher price for the food.

The small shop has very limited seating area (only 6 wooden tables) and serves the typical KL black sauce and Singapore chili sauce styles wanton mee. (RM 6.50 / 7.50 / 8.00)

Kedai Kopi Xuu Yau Wanton Mee is one of my wife’s favourites spot of visit whenever we made the trip to JB, she will find some space to squeeze in the bowl of wanton mee even with a fully stretched stomach, I will simply enjoy my cup of Teh-C (you should try it here!) with its fragrant tea leave and smooth texture that left you without the astringent aftertaste, definitely more superior than the Teh-C served in many of the coffeeshops in Singapore.

The whole shop only has one stall and selling only Wanton mee, we always opted for the dry version of chili sauce base wanton mee.

Good serving size even for a smallest portion (RM 6.50)

While waiting for the bowl of wanton mee, do catch a glimpse of how the skilful chef tossing the noodle behind the stall so high up that the mee almost touching the ceiling each time! (inch away!!)

Chef in action behind the stall

The al dentle egg noodles accompanied with the fragrant of the pork lard and mild spicy of the chili sauce produced a nice subtle flavours of a bowl of good wanton mee, it makes you feel fulfilling in each mouthful and the reason of our repeating visits.


Al dentle and flavourful noodle

Char siew was acceptable but not something can blow your mind.

Satisfying bowl of wanton mee

Wantons were reasonably good with the flavourful minced pork wrapped in a thin wanton skin, the broth was light with hint of sweetness and savoury taste, good enough for you to finish the bowl clean.

Our verdicts

Kedai Kopi Xuu Yau Wanton Mee will continue to be one of our stop-overs in our future JB trip, not just to enjoy a bowl of succulent Kampong style wanton mee but to appreciate a good cup of Teh-C as well. (4.0/5.0)

Kedai Kopi Xuu Yau 品苑云吞面

A: Junction of Jalan Tan Hiok Nee and Jalan Pahang, Johor Bahru, Malaysia


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