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Xin Yuan Ji Fish head Steamboat @Tan Quee Lan Street

Xin Yuan Ji Fish head Steamboat (新源记

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Starting at People’s Park Food Centre in 1993, Xin Yuan Ji has relocated to several locations and finally settled at Tan Quee Lan Street. Xin Yuan Ji specialises in fish head steamboat and is one of must-visit stop in our hunt of the best fishhead steamboat in Singapore.

There was already a queue when we reached there at 5.30pm. Xin Yuan Ji Fishhead Steamboat apparently has its group of fans judging from the response.

Xin Yuan Ji Fish head Steamboat 40 / 55 / 70

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We ordered the red snapper steamboat (meat) and it is served in the traditional charcoal heating aluminium type of steamboat. The steamboat is packed with cabbage, tomatoes, tofu, yam and a big chunk of red snapper fish.

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The red snapper was fried to seal the flavour and the serving was reasonably generous compared to other famous steamboat brands. The fish was fresh and tender and is complemented well by a good broth, most of the steamboat failed miserably with the poor mastery of the broth. We are pleased Xin Yuan Ji’s broth was infused with sweetness and savouriness. It has hints of herb flavour and embellished with the pleasant seasoning. Refilled broth thrice and the quality of broth has not been compromised.

Assam Curry Fish Head 22.8

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The curry flavour was subtle, the gravy was rich and robust, but the taste of sourness from the Assam was not distinctive, naming it as Assam curry may not fit the bill.

The claypot curry fish head served with eggplant, cabbage and tau pok, a bowl of rice doused with the curry could already make it hard to stop at just one. The only drawback was the small fish head and the pathetic flesh that came with it.

Mixed fish mee hoon 8.8

Xin Yuan Ji is popular for its fish meat mee hoon. However, the mixed fish mee hoon broth was insipid to the taste, we have to touch up the taste by sprinkling some soy sauce. Fried fish lost too much moisture and the dry texture did not cook up a good soup.

Salted egg diced chicken 18.8

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Xin Yuan Ji may have the culinary expertise for fish but non-aquatic creatures just lack the quality, be it the poultry or the green veggies, the dishes are a menial job.

Sambal Kang Kong 8.8

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The more we eat, the more we think the dish was cooked just for entertainment, featureless sambal and mushy texture were what it is all about for this dish.

French Bean with Dry Shrimp 13.8

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Run of the mills dish.

Ham Scramble Egg 8.8

xi yuan ji 3

Chef recommendation but…..ok…you can forget about it.

Our verdict on Xin Yuan Ji Fish head Steamboat

When we left at 7pm, the queue already stretched few folds longer. Everyone was obviously going after Xin Yuan Ji Fish head Steamboat for their lovely luscious warming soup, which we can fully endorse. However, you can forgo the side dishes that are not the Assam claypot fish head.

Xin Yuan Ji Fish head Steamboat

A: 31 Tan Quee Lan Street, Singapore 188117

T: +65 6334 4086

H: Daily 11.30am to 11.30pm


Xin Yuan Ji (新源记) @ Hougang

A: Blk 107 #01-00 Hougang Ave 1 Singapore 530107 ( off Lorong Ah Soo )

T: +65 6747 7713


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