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Xin Heng Feng Guo Tiao Tan

Xin Heng Feng Guo Tiao Tan @ Whampoa

Xin Heng Feng Guo Tiao Tan

It has fewer than 5 stalls opened for business at Block 91 Whampoa Drive food centre after dark, a food centre much catered for the morning crowd and a deserted place in the evening, it could be a ghost place if without the popular Whampoa Drive Market and Food Centre fishhead Steamboat aka Xin Heng Feng Guo Tiao Tan there to shoot up some life, a good strategic to operate only at night utilizing the empty tables to maximize the sales for its good business.

At 6pm, most of the tables around the stall already occupied with customers, plume of the burning charcoal’s fume emanating from the chimney of the aluminum steamboat vessel filled the air, you can bet the PSI reading of 2.5 particle size definitely not in the healthy range but who care? Good food comes first.

The stall offers Red Snapper (Ang gor li), Pomfret and Garoupa for the steamboat, range from small portion of $20, medium $28 and $35 for a biggest serving.

Whampon Fishhead steamboat

We ordered the medium size and the steamboat arrived about half an hour later with fully stuffed ingredients filled to the brim. Vegetables, yam, seaweed, tofu etc, the broth was saturated with the flavour of the fried solefish and a distinct selling point of the steamboat here, undeniably it is one of the better broth that we have experienced so far. Overall, it gives the taste buds a great workout and we shared the same sentiment for the perennial favourites by many reviewers from the social media.

Whampon Fishhead steamboat

The side orders are very well complemented the steamboat to provide the varieties, common dishes include the braised duck, eggs, preserved salted vegetable are tau pok (dry fried beancurd). Amongst all, the braised eggs tasted like the Taiwan iron quail egg and my two teens gobbled down a few eggs each, in order to achieve the level of aroma, the eggs must have gone through a long braising process to ensure the seasoning permeated into the yolks.

Whampon Fishhead steamboat

Xin Heng Feng Guo Tiao Tam Verdict :

Good steamboat relies heavily on the tastefulness of the broth and the freshness of the ingredients, we have to agree the stall has executed it nicely. However, our second time of refilling the broth from Xin Heng Feng Guo Tiao Tan was tasted bland and much to our disappointment, we cannot understand why is that so but afraid too much water might have added that diluted the sweetness of the broth.

Xin Heng Feng Guo Tiao Tan Details :

Address: Block 91 Whampoa Drive, #01-14/15, Singapore 320091
Operating Hours: 5pm – 10pm daily, closed on Tuesday


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