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Xiang Xiang Fried Rice 香香炒饭

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Xiang Xiang fried rice – Changi Village 香香炒饭

Good fried rice must have the wok smell to bring out the best of the delicacy.  To achieve the result, the chef must be good in controlling the fire and timing during cooking to allow the right heat radiated into every grain of the rice, similarly to eating fried kway teow, the smoky charred smell somehow enhanced the aroma and fragrance of the rice.

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Besides fried rice, the stall sells mee goreng, fried Hokkien prawn mee, nasi goreng etc. Among all the dishes, we decided to try the fried rice, this is one of my son favorite food and looking at the media recommendation displaying on the signboard, fried rice seems to be the right choice.

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Xiang Xiang fried rice – Changi Village

The rice was cooked with dark sauce which is not our preference, we personally more inclined towards white fried rice for a simple reason, you can truly appreciate the fragrance of the rice than those fried rice masked by the taste of the dark sauce. However, Xiang Xiang fried rice has rich aromatic taste that makes it savoury and delectable. In fact, at the first sign, the plate of fried rice did not catch too much of the attention by anyone, it was too simple and ordinary and don’t seems to have too much of excitement. However, may be of its simplicity, it relishing the fried rice and literally making you feeling of “mum’s home cooked” taste, it brings back lots of old memories and give you a nostalgia feel that was just sweet.

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Not easy to find good fried rice in a food centre and this is one of them deserved your visit. Try it.

Xiang Xiang fried rice 香香炒饭

Address: Changi Village Market and Food Centre

Stall #01-58, 2 Changi Village Rd, Singapore 500002

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