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Xiang Xiang Fishball noodle香香

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Xiang Xiang Fishball noodle香香

Xiang Xiang Fishball noodle香香,This is one of the more famous food stalls at the Chong Pang Food Centre in Yishun. It was the weekend and the noodle only arrived half an hour later. Fortunately, they delivered the noodles to the table and we are not required to queue for the food compared to other stalls, thumb up to their good service.

fb6Why is the fish ball noodle so popular? We ordered the mee pok dry with chilli for our evaluation. The mee pok was topped with the bean sprouts, spring onions and one of the essences to produce a good fish ball noodle – chunks of crispy pork lard! (My glutton princess called it PIG OIL).

We know it is not easy to cook a perfect noodle with the right texture, not too soggy from being overcooked or too hard from undercooked; being able to achieve the chewiness and springiness (QQ to the bite). The mee pok from Xiang Xiang was a little to the soggy side and not as springy as we expected.


Besides the noodle, the sauce mixture is another crucial alchemy that must be able to blend well with the noodle. How wonderful the noodle is prepared will not be considered perfect without the right amalgamating sauce, it is just like the best orchestra can only be able to bring up the beauty of the melody with a best conductor. The chilli-base sauce was reasonably acceptable, blended well with the noodle to bring up the good flavour. However, it was not to the extent of make you too elated and having the urge of wanting for more.


The bowl of fish balls soup came with five large fish balls, the fish balls were larger than the ordinary fish balls that you will find from most of the fish ball noodle stalls. The fish balls were hand made by the owner, the texture was not as bouncy as other good fish balls but you can truly taste the generous fish meat within each fish ball, definitely not the overly starchy filled fish balls commonly found in the market. The soup was tasteful with the tinge of sweetness.


Overall, we suspect Xiang Xiang’s success should be accredited to their quality fish balls followed by the noodles. So, if you do order Xiang Xiang’s noodle, do opt for their popular fish ball noodles.    



Xiang Xiang Fishball Noodles

Address: Chong Pang Food Centre, 105 Yishun Ring road, Stall #01-177

Operating Hours: NA


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