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Xi Xiang Feng Yong Tau Foo – Divinely Soup 喜相逢酿豆腐

Xi Xiang Feng Yong Tau Foo – Divinely Soup 喜相逢酿豆腐

Xi Xiang Feng Yong Tau Foo  4

Yong Tau Foo is one of the most difficult food to review, a real good Yong Tau Foo carries almost same weightage of the three important components, the base of the soup, chili / sweet sauce and the Yong Tau Foo itself. There are stalls fair well with the soup, some super good with the chili sauce and others shine on their Yong Tau Foo. To find one that able to meet all the requirements have always been a daunting task.

Xi Xiang Feng Yong Tau Foo is not a stranger to me, I have been patronized the stall when I was serving my national service in Ang Mo Qwee camp in the 80s, and Ang Mo Kio Central Food Centre was always our chill out place for food when we booked out at night. After few decades, I was back here again and everything was acquainted with the same old feeling, perhaps the only obvious difference now was my companion, no more all the army boys but my beloved family.

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Probably already accustomed to the taste, I went for the usual soup base Yong Tau Foo, which use lots of yellow beans, ikan billis and may be some other seasoning (rock sugar or MSG??), the result was a bowl of soup come with a medley of sweetness, saltiness and tastiness, the well-seasoned soup somehow compliment the Yong Tau Foo well which was fresh and delightful in taste. In fact, the great taste from the soup is still the same I used to be and have never elapsed from my mind, and this is what Xi Xiang Feng enticed me all along. The chili and sweet sauce are good and unlikely buy off-the-shelve, either they make their own or further processed to give the extra punch, quite good we thought.

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Overall, besides the fresh Yong Tau Foo which may not be too special except one or two unique items, it is the soup that has brought Xi Xiang Feng Yong Tau Foo the glory and the accolades. Like it or not, the forever present of the queue during peak and non-peak provides a best endorsement to the relishing food. We got to admit that this is one of the Yong Tau Foo stalls that fair pretty well in our food hunt and potential to be one of the top best choices in this category.


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Xi Xiang Feng Yong Tau Foo 喜相逢酿豆腐

Address: #01-23, Ang Mo Kio Food Centre, 724 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6

Telephone: 94551641

Operating Hours: Mon – Sat: 07:00 – 19:00, Closed: Sun




  1. In a nutshell:

    I ordered from this Xi Xiang Feng Yong Tau Foo stall in Ang Mo Kio two weeks ago, getting myself a 6-items bowl, consisting of seaweed chicken, tau pok, bean curd, cutter fish and kang kong and bee hoon, and I was charged $3.70.

    Last week, I bought the same 6-items bowl and was charged $3.80. I politely questioned the male hawker about the price increase, to which he resorted, “There is no increase leh.” And I kept quiet.

    Today (31st March 2018), I purposely selected the same 6 items and to my nasty surprise, I was charged $4. I requested him to calculate again, informing him that I had been wrongly charged because in the past the prices were $3.70 and $3,80 respectively for the same items. Upon hearing that, the two male hawkers manning the stall turned nasty and hysterious, scolding me for making an enquiry and rudely told me not to patronise their stall again.

    I ended up paying $4 for the bowl of Yong Tau Foo, wondering if there is an organisation which controls price discrepancies especially for food items that do not come with price tags.

  2. We do agree your right to clarify the pricing, it is disappointing to hear your bad experience with the stall, service is crucial in F&B and we should not condone the bad attitudes. As far as we understand, so far only CASE has the authority to investigate the case but not sure they would like to entertain you. Perhaps the best way is not to patronise the stall and go for the alternative.


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