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Windowsill In The Woods (Windowsill Pies) @ Jalan Besar – Delightful Pies

Windowsill In The Woods (Windowsill Pies)@ Jalan Besar – Delightful Pies

We’ve had their pies even before setting foot into the café (we first had a taste of their Grasshopper Mint Pie back at Penny University), so we knew that what awaited us was something to look forward to. To say that I’ve been dying to come here for ages is an understatement, let’s hope that they don’t disappoint!

Windowsill pies 1

Located in Jalan Besar, Windowsill In The Woods is a cosy space that is cheerful and kid friendly. It was like we’re all characters of a kids’ storybook, there was even a mini podium with a large bear sitting on it. If I wasn’t worried about embarrassing myself in front of the other customers (or if I was 10 years younger), I would have run up there and hugged it, demanding that my parents take a picture of me and the adorable bear as keepsake.

Windowsill pies 10

Windowsill pies 2

Now on to the food…

Smores Slice ($8.00)

The Smores pie was filled with gooey milk chocolate pudding and sticky dark chocolate fudge that was very rich and smooth, with toasted marshmallows and home-made graham crackers as toppings. A plus point was that the pie’s not too sweet, so we didn’t feel so sinful after it!

Windowsill pies 5

Strawberry Lemon Slice ($7.00)

Extremely appetising as the lemon curd was of the right tanginess, the pie also had strawberry slices in the lemon curd to give it more texture.

Windowsill pies 4

Camp Symmetry Slice ($8.00)

This pie was unlike any other that we’ve tasted, it was made up of white chocolate pudding, some raisins in the middle with white truffle cookie streusel. While the components might not sound like they will blend well… It did! It was like fireworks in our mouths – this is a must try if you absolutely LOVE truffles.

Windowsill pies 6

Iced Latte ($6.00) 

Smooth and aromatic, it was relatively mild.

Windowsill pies 9

Iced Chocolate ($6.00) & Hot Chocolate ($5.50)

Rich and extremely smooth.

Windowsill pies 3

While the pies had flakey pastry, it would be nice if it had been crisper. On the whole, we fell in love with every pie we tried – they were simply delightful! Some might find the price to be slightly steep, but at least quality is definitely assured!

Windowsill In The Woods (Windowsill Pies)

Add: 78 Horne Road, Singapore 209078

Tel: 9004 7827


Tue-Thur: 11am – 9.30pm

Friday: 11am – 10.30pm

Saturday: 10am – 10.30pm

Sunday: 10am – 9.30pm

Closed on Mondays




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