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Where To Find Good Food in Bangkok? Part 5 – Siam

Last day in Bangkok but the list of places to visit seem not getting any shorter! The whole day was largely concentrating on exploring more food venture and keeping the gastronomic system running at maximum workload.

We spent our day around Siam Square, a nice shopping belt and eatery paradise.

Baan Khun Mae @ Siam Square 

Bangkok 96

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This is the first time a restaurant offer different set menu with all their specialties (6 dishes per set) served in a small portion and good for two pax. This is a great idea of saving the hassle to order individual dish from the Ala carte and yet given you the perfect combination of choices to have a taste of the hearty and traditional Thai delicacy.

Bangkok 98

Food was alluding except a bit heavy handed with the salt, eg. The green curry was creamy and rich but the sodium contain put us off completely.

Address: 458/6-9 Siam Square Soi 8, Rama 1 road (walk through Siam Square One building from the Siam BTS and exit at the other end of the building, the restaurant just a short walk to your left)

Tel: 66 (0) 2250 1952 3


After You Cafe @ Siam Square One

 Bangkok 99

After You cafe is one of the popular cafes in Thailand, the close proximity to Baan Khun Mae making it a natural choice for the sweet tooth after the main course.

Bangkok 100

Shibuya Honey Toast 155/175thb S$6.50/$7.50

 Bangkok 101

Thick butter toast served with ice cream, the thick bread could be a stress to already full capacity stomachs from the Baan Khun Mae. However, the marvellous toast was just such a seduction to win the gluttony tastebuds completely over, highly recommended.

Chocolate Lava 155/ S$6.50

Bangkok 102

Moist and rich chocolate cake hidden the nice and the molten chocolate lava, nice pairing with the not too sweet ice cream.

Overall, if you are looking for quality desserts in Bangkok, After You Cafe is unanimously one of the better choices. After You cafe may not have the unique theme design compared to Mr Jones Orphanage or Sanrio Hello Kitty House (our next stop), however, it wins the hearts of the sweet tooth by a significant margin when quality desserts are the concerns.

Address: After You Cafe @ Siam Square One SQ1

Siam Square One SSQ1

The newly opened shopping cum eatery place houses lot of famous and popular restaurants, we never be able to try all but if you have a bottomless tummy, do give it a try the following eateries.

Mix Restaurant & Bar

Bangkok 103

Chinatown Scala Original

Bangkok 104


Bangkok 105


Som Boon Seafood restaurant @ Siam Square One

Bangkok 106

Fried Curry Crab 340thb/S$13.6

Bangkok 110

The creator of yellow curry crab, the signature dish has won many royal patrons and you should not miss ordering this dish for any visit to this restaurant. The non spicy curry was unpretentious, savoury and makes you scoop up every drop of the gravy. A must try when you visit Som Boon Seafood restaurant (Be careful the fake Som Boon Seafood restaurant offering the same dishes, some Taxi drivers who is conspiring with the copycats for a commission, always find out the location first)

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Crab in Glass Noodle

Bangkok 109

Not their speciality and nothing too fanciful about this dish.

Address: Siam Square One (4th floor)
Refer the website for other branches:

Sanrio Hello Kitty House Bangkok @ Siam Square One

Bangkok 111

My daughter QiQi has a bad experience with the Hello Kitty cafe in South Korea recently condemning the rundown of the facility and poor choices of the desserts. How about the Hello Kitty here in Bangkok?

Bangkok 116

Owning to its newly opened condition, the cafe was lovely in any eyes of the kids and even the adults. Famed Japanese feline Hello Kitty, Sanrio’s cute cat with a red bow, the mascot never failed to make the presence felt with the expressionless cutie dolls prominently displayed at the centre stage on all the floors, and accentuated by the pink of sea that engulfed in every corner of the three story cafe.

Bangkok 113

Popularity was evident with most of the pasties out of stock before 8.30pm. The Rainbow crepe was pleasantly alluring compared to Mr Jones Orphanage which was a mediocre.

Bangkok 115

Rainbow Crepe Cake 150thb/S$6.0 & Kitty Milk Tea 70thb/S$2.8

Bangkok 112


“Hello…Hello…Hello…Hello the pretty cat….” The same song was repeatedly played throughout during our stay there. May be fine for the first ten minutes but continued to be bombarded with the same lyrics for any prolonged time could be psychologically tormented.

Bangkok 114

Sanrio Hello Kitty House @ Siam Square One may be centered on the kids and adults who dotted the kitten at large, whether pink color or the kitten is your favorite or not, this is a cafe has its own attraction, of course, besides the song….

Address: Siam Square One (at the other main entrance of SQ1 from the Siam BTS station)
Hours: daily from 10am to 10pm

The journey to Bangkok has finally come to the end, the numbers of luggage filled were worrisome posing a risk of overloading. On the other hand, the fulfilment of indulging in a real taste to experience the authenticity of the Thai cuisine, the unpretentious, hearty food that blended with good dose of Thai hospitality is undoubtedly a memorable one.

Good bye Bangkok, see you again.

Good Tips when Travelling in Bangkok

Recommended places for buying local titbits and snacks:

Gourmet Market @ Siam Paragon (BTS: Siam)

Bangkok 107

Big C Supermarket @ Ratchadamri Road (opposite CentralWorld, BTS: Chidlom)

Bangkok 108

Bangkok ChinaTown (by taxi or tuk tuk)

 Bangkok 31

Recommended Transport:

# From Airport to Siam City by Taxi (Always go for flat fare that cost about 450thb, never opt for meter which costs 200 to 250 thb more, insist go by highway and toll free be included in the flat fare)

# In the City by Taxi (Meter is a preference)
# In the City by Tuk Tuk (Good to move around areas in short distance, always bargain for the best deal, the driver will ask for high initial fare but dare to slash by 30 to 50%)
# BTS / MRT (Best form of transport to move around the city, buy a one day pass (around 130thb/S$5.2) if the cost of the total trips is likely exceed the single trip ticket paid.)
# Full day City Taxi booking (If travel around the city, you can book the taxi for 8 to 10 hours for a fee of 500thb/S$20 to 800thb/S$32 excluding parking fee, do bargain for the best deal).

Contact and hire the Taxi service directly to avoid paying additional charges of about 300thb/S$12 through the hotel.
We engaged the following Taxi service and you can use it for reference:
Mr. TOP (Able to communicate in English)
Tel: 081-3635781 / +6681-3635781
# Get a city map with BTS / MRT station for easy reference.

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