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Where To Find Good Food in Bangkok? Part 1

Sawadeecap! Bangkok – The city of life.

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There is a reason why Bangkok is one the top tourist destination in Asia.

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The Bangkok Phenomenon – Traffic jam, Tuk-Tuk, humble street food, gleaming temples, shopping, floating market, night life, rich culture are here to beguile you. We have our intense 5 days trip covered many interesting places, it is not just about the shopping, eating and visiting tourist attraction but a fascinating culture to embrace and appreciate about.

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Day 1 – City @ Siam 

Checked-in to hotel right after lunch and we straight headed off to SeenSpace, the area is clustered with cafes and restaurants, it is a challenge to pick the choice especially we have limited stomach space to accommodate the foods, so we settled for Roast Coffee and Eatery Cafe for our main and dessert at Mr. Jones Orphanage.

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Roast Coffee and Eatery Café

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Nice ambience and a relatively popular dining spot for Singaporean. Coffee lover? The caffeine here was smooth and the aroma will excite your nostrils sensory one’s you set your foot into the restaurant.

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Truffles Spaghetti Set Lunch (280thb/S$11.2) – Include soup + bun, mains + salad and drink

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Spaghetti was creamy and infused with truffles aroma, topped with roasted bacon, fresh mushrooms and cheese.

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Load Latte

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Smooth and nice aroma.

Tomatoes and Pumpkin Soup 

 Bangkok 122

Unique combination but taste great.

Duck Confit (318thb/S$12.70)

 Bangkok 4

The duck was dry and skin not crisp, not impressive. However, the home-made cranberry jam was packed with all the real fruit and not sugary sweet.

Overall, the food was generally good, there are many cafes and restaurants around and this is one of the places for some decent western food.

Address: 2Floor, SeenSpace Thong Lor Soi 13, Bangkok, Thailand 10110 (BTS to ThongLor station and take a Taxi 40thb/S$1.20)
Hours: Mon – Fri:10.00am to 11pm, Sat:9am-11pm, Sun:9am-10pm

Mr. Jones Orphanage 

Bangkok 5

The Scandinavian theme design cafe heavily relies on the white pine wood to create earthy, natural tones but give a warmth and cosiness feel with the incandescent lights, quirky decorative items like the teddy bears and whimsical to ramp up the chic quotient.

Bangkok 6

Mr. Jones Orphanage adopted lots of teddy bears with boxes of toy soldiers on each table in remembrance of many of our childhood memories and constitutes part of the overall café theme.

Bangkok 7

Plenty of desserts to satisfy the sweet tooth, however, both the rainbow crepe and Chocky Mud Pie were a mediocre.

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Rainbow crepe 110thb/S$4.40

 Bangkok 11

The rainbow crepe was tasteless if without the syrup, the coloured layers tasted with strong artificial flavouring. Seriously, you probably can easily find better pastries along the streets.

Chocky Mud Pie 135thb/S$5.50

 Bangkok 10

The cake was sugary sweet and that was probably the only flavour you can taste from the cake.

Overall, it will not be the right place if you expect good desserts or pastries from here, however, if ambience is your priority, Mr Jones Orphanage will not disappoint you.

Mr Jones Orphanage

Address: SeenSpace Thong Lor 13, Bangkok, Thailand 10110 (BTS to ThongLor station and take a Taxi 40thb/S$1.20

Hours: 10.00am to 12:00 midnight


Mah Boon Krong (MBK)

There is a direct walkway from the National Stadium BTS, MBK is not as up-market as other newer shopping centres but still a big shopping mall for those looking for more down to earth price.

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For a foodies, besides shopping, we also explored their food court at the sixth floor- MBK Food Island and try the sticky rice with Mango, the Mango is for sure better than those you can get in Singapore, sweet, firm and juicy.

Bangkok 14

MBK Food Island

Sticky Rice with Mango 120thb/S$4.80

(Note: buy the top up card from the counter first before proceeding to order your food, the stalls don’t accept cash. Balanced not spent can be refunded at the same counter)

Mah Boon Krong (MBK)

Address: direct walkway link to MBK from the BTS at National Stadium


Som Tam Nua Urban Eatery @ Siam Central

Bangkok 16

It was our first day in Bangkok and die die must eat the local and authentic Thai food. We checked with the local and their recommendation is the SomTam Nua @ Siam Central, this is popular to the local and something got to be with good dose of Thai hospitality with the dishes.

Thai Salad 90Thb/S$3.60

Bangkok 18

Lots of things went into the salad, green papaya, sausage, cherry tomatoes, fried pork skin, dried shrimp, ham, long bean, peanut etc. sweet, sour and spicy are the character of Thai salad and a good appetizer to start the meal.

Stir fried Thai rice flour noodle 100Thb/S$4

Bangkok 20

Not for those with weak tolerance of fiercely chili. Same toppings as the Thai salad mentioned above. Noodle was soggy but tasty.

Fried Chicken wing150Thb/S$6

Bangkok 19

Deep fried chicken wings, crispy skin with garlicky flavour similar to the IKEA chicken wings in Singapore. The meat was moist and juicy.

Overall, unlike most of the restaurants that have modified the taste to suit the tourists, Som Tam Nua is the place for authentic Thai food with reasonable price and average food.

Address: Siam Centre (same level as Food Republic) 392/14 Soi Siam Square 5, Rama 1 Road.  4th floor
Tel:+66 (0) 22 51 4880
Hours:10:45 a.m.-9.30 p.m.
It was already past 9pm when we finished our dinner; an interesting day with lots of shopping and eating. That’s it for Day 1 and time to head back to hotel.

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