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Where to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Singapore?

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Are you looking for a nice place to have a good dinner with your loved one in the coming Valentine’s Day in Singapore? Here is the few restaurants that we have handpicked for your consideration, hope you have a lovely, sweet and memorable day with your loved one.


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Classic French cuisine is served in this cosy cafe located at Jalan Kubor. Rustic furniture and touch of eclectic decoration inlay amongst the red brick to create a chic contemporary ambience with emphasis on European’s wildness. A little pricy but great food and nice ambience.

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Horizon Bistronomy 

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A place offers French cuisine at reasonable price.

It is a fairly new establishment at The Punggol Settlement. A place with nice food and enjoy the sea breeze with the loved one. Facing the Johor straits and a nice park with wooden pedestrian pathway and cycling track, it has a breathtaking view of the greenery and blue sea, the nature beauty and the tranquil of the countryside is a great place of a get away from the bustling life in the city area.

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The Costal Settlement 

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If you like something causal and yet affordable, The Costal Settlement could be a good choice.

A huge assortment of vintage pieces ranging from bikes to chairs to pottery pieces and even old typewriters were placed all over the area. There were even a couple of vintage cars lying around! For those that born before or in the 90s, stepping into The Coastal Settlement were like stepping into a time machine, you would momentarily forget that you’re in year 2015. Everything was so vintage; it could have very well been a museum. Nice ambience for the Valentine’s Day.

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Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro 

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This is a Halal cafe from Scandinavia. The all white and woody decoration reflects a dash of the Northern Europe’s touch. Located right at the junction of Beach road and Arab Street, a place that is popular with Middle Eastern tourists and Persian carpet merchants in the Kampong Glam area, it naturally made sense for those like to have the Valentine’s Day in a Halal restaurant.

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Looking for something more high class? Try Labyrinth then.

The restaurant is enveloped by a sea of black, from the ceiling, walls, furniture, counters, reception, restaurant’s uniform and even the name cards are all in black, the only exception is the paintings that hung on the walls created by artist Kelly Ser.

The warm lighting further intensified the already warm and closeted feeling created by the black environment. Black relates to hidden, secretive and the unknown, giving us a feeling of mystery and perhaps sophistication. An ideal place for a secretive yet romantic dinner.

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