Warong Sudi Mampir Satay

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Warong Sudi Mampir Satay

Review written by glutton princess – QiQi

When we first saw the stall, we were wowed by the amount of rewards and certificates that they have placed at the front of their stall. We were then thinking this must be pretty good or at least edible right? Then again, we have come across stalls with many awards and they were just an utter disappointment.

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Warong Sudi Mampir Satay

We ordered some chicken and mutton satay, when we first got the plate, we were a little disappointed to see that the Ketupat wasn’t wrapped in the traditional coconut leaves. Instead, it was wrapped in a green translucent plastic bag. This was annoying, why can’t we just help to preserve the tradition? Will it taste better this way by wrapping the ketupat in a plastic or we are too modernised that we can’t find coconut leaves anymore?

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Fortunately, after trying it, the ketupat may lose the fragrance of coconut leaves, but it tastes not bad indeed! In fact in our opinion, we thought the rice was the best of the entire dish! We like the softness and the compactness of the ketupat, really a joy eating it.

The main star of the day – the chicken satay, was rather plain in terms of seasoning and the meat was tough, not at all appetising. The hope was now left with the mutton satay; however when my mum took the first bite of the mutton satay, she was frowning. That definitely wasn’t a good sign. The meat wasn’t easy to deal with, being a little too chewy, lack of the softness with average seasoning. It tasted better than the chicken one though. (sadly)

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When it comes to satay, we are very particular about the sauce, the sauce has to be rich and packed with peanut and satay flavour. A good satay sauce will complement the satay well and we would definitely drench the entire satay with the sauce and ask for more refills if possible. However, the bowl of the satay sauce was barely touched at the end of the day! The sauce was not fragrant and lacked of the punch, it seems to be missing the much needed satay character and lacking something that we cannot put a finger to. Maybe the formulation needs some fine tuning? But it definitely wasn’t flavourful enough for us.

We respect those that gave the stall the flying colour, everyone has different taste buds but from the glutton family, we have our reservation about Warong Sudi Mampir’s Satay.

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Warong Sudi Mampir Satay

Address: Haig Road Market And Cooked Food Centre,

14 Haig Road Stall 01-19,Singapore 430014

Operating Hours: Lunch till dinner

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