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Ulu Ulu Café Lounge (CLOSED)

Ulu Ulu Café Lounge

Review written by Glutton Princess – QiQi

This Café Lounge is definitely given the right name. It is practically impossible to find this place if you’re not taking a cab or are going by bus. We already had quite a fair bit of trouble going by car. It was located at an office building that was near the shore. (if you finish your meal early and don’t mind walking a bit, you can see the sunset out in the ocean!) When we first arrived at about 6pm, we were kind of hesitant as to whether it was open because the entire restaurant was dark and totally empty. Upon taking a closer look, we saw two waiters in there, and we were the first customers for the dinner crowd! (no surprise there) Managed to get a window seat; although I highly recommend those that have a fear of heights to choose somewhere else, since 9 floors up is pretty scary. The décor of the entire café lounge is rather simple, with the usual food court like tables and chairs, to sofa chairs that accommodates the masses. Given that we were the only customers for about 10 minutes, our food came in no time!

Pan Fried Salmon Steak



It was a let down, because the salmon steak was of different thickness and different sides, the ends were way overcooked, leaving it to be dry and a chore to eat, while the centre was slightly medium well. I like my steak to have a little bit of moisture in it, so I wasn’t a fan of the steak at all. The potato croquettes tasted bland once again, together with the baked beans we were served, the 3 elements just didn’t go well together at all. We were all given the impression that the chef randomly chose 2 items that he/she could find in the kitchen and placed them on the plate as sides. Needless to say, we all left our baked beans untouched and lucky for me; since my brother loves fried food, he finished the potatoes.

Sambal Fish Fillet



You can probably guess that this dish is ordered none other by my little brother. It was served with rice and baked beans. Comments from my brother were that the sambal was ‘shiok’ and that it was so yummy, he loved it! In my opinion though, (based on that small little crumb that he spared me) the chilli was indeed not bad and rather spicy, so those that can’t handle spicy food, avoid! The fish however, seemed rather tasteless to me.

Bluespoon Chicken Curry



Now, this is the complete opposite of the Sambal Fish Fillet. Not that it was extremely good, but I think the chef seemed to have left out chilli powder when it came to the curry. It wasn’t in the least spicy at all! Tasted extremely bland, we have absolutely no idea why this was one of the chef’s recommendations. It was rather diluted also, and once again, chicken was bland.

Slow Roast Chicken in White Wine Sauce



This dish, is the absolute winner, and totally deserving to be one of the chef’s recommendations. First of all, this is actually half a chicken slow roasted in wine and chicken broth with carrots, potatoes and herbs. Not a quarter chicken, but half. So for those that order this, be prepared for a huge bowl of goodness! Secondly, the white wine sauce is absolutely delicious. You can drink it all day long, for the blend of the white wine with the chicken broth, mixed with the essence of the herbs was just perfect. Thirdly, the meat is so tender and soft, you can pluck the meat off the bones of the chicken effortlessly. Not just that, the meat is full of the white wine sauce, it oozes out when you sink your teeth into it. Overall, a huge thumbs up. Probably never had such an amazing chicken dish in my entire life that didn’t involve a fried chicken.   Ulu Ulu Café Lounge is a quiet and rather cosy place where you’ll come by once and never come back again. Unless it is for their Slow Roasted Chicken which I have to emphasise, is a definite must try! Then again, this is just the main course, they do serve other dishes during lunch, so you might want to give that a shot, especially if you’re working in the area. If you love 95.0FM, this is the station that they play on the radio!


Ulu Ulu Café Lounge (CLOSED)

Address: 325 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427582  (new address)

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 11:00 am-12:00 am Sat: 4:00 pm-12:00 am  



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