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Uggli Muffins

Uggli Muffins

Review written by Glutton Princess – QiQi

Whoever thought that muffins have to be in pretty little cups with pretty designs to taste good… Well they apparently thought wrong, for that is definitely not the case at Uggli Muffins. Uggli Muffins originally started out as a Tze Char stall called ‘Bliss Haven Restaurant’, hence the signboard in the picture below. They only started to sell muffins in year 2005; and in 2011, Bliss Heaven Muffin officially changed its name to Uggli Muffins. (Which I have to say, is absolutely apt and just pure genius!)


When we went to make our order at about 11.40, there were only a couple of flavours ready; which were Chocolate, Raisin with Orange Peel, and Mushroom (yes, mushroom) . That said, the owners were real hard at work, with the lady boss (I assume) baking furiously at the back of the shop and the boss taking orders from the constant crowd of customers. I have tried Uggli Muffins before and I absolutely love their Oreo muffins, so I insisted that I wanted that as well. But we have to wait for about 40 minutes for that. Then again why not, since good food is so hard to come by? (after all, we went to have ice cream at Creamier instead, so it wasn’t really much of a wait)


Heading back to the shop after the 40 minutes wait, the exact same thing was going on. The Lady Boss was churning out as many muffins as possible, and the Boss taking down the orders and taking care of the timing of the muffins in the oven at the same time. It was like they were both robots. Much respect for being able to work at such speed without taking a break, while producing quality muffins at the same time.


The muffins at Uggli Muffins all have the same moist buttery and vanilla centre which is a bit sweet and slightly salty. With a dark brown crispy crust at the top to give it the extra oomph, I honestly think that the crust is just to die for! As you all have already guessed, all the muffins are shaped irregularly, no one of them is of the same shape as the other. This makes the muffins real unique, which is another reason why we like it so much!


Since the batter used for all the muffins are the same, the only thing that differs is the filling. For the Chocolate muffin, the muffin batter was mixed with chocolate sprinkles to give it the chocolate flavour. Surprisingly though, even with the chocolate sprinkles, the muffin wasn’t very sweet! For the Raisin with Orange Peel, it was slightly tangy with the raisin adding a little sweet and sour tinge to it. The Oreo muffins tasted just like how Oreo muffins would taste like, with the owners simply adding chunks of Oreo into the batter. Simple, yet still delicious. For the Mushroom muffin, the mushrooms were slightly peppery and creamy. Like how the cream of mushroom soup would taste, except this time round, it’s in a muffin form!


Uggli Muffins may not necessarily be the best muffins in Singapore, but they are definitely a must try! With a shape so unique, a price relatively reasonable and a taste simple yet extremely addictive; do experience the “perfect imperfection” of the ugly but flavoursome muffins.


Uggli Muffins

Address: 127 Loring 1 Toa Payoh #02-34, Singapore 310127

Telephone: 9877 9020

Operating Hours: usually starts after 11.30am till evening, Closed on Mondays




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