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Udon GEON Orchard

Udon GEON Orchard – Value Worthy Meal

Goen Japanese Udon Noodles 1

Orchard is not a place one can find food that worth the value easily, not to mention the Japanese food that usually caused you the arm and leg. So, looking for a place to fill your stomach and yet not need to dig deep into the pocket for Japanese food, Udon GEON at Wisma Atria’s Food Republic perhaps is one of the rare find.

Goen Japanese Udon Noodles 5

Udon GEON Japanese Chicken Katsu Original Curry Rice $6.80

$6.80 is the listed price, comparatively cheap for Japanese curry rice and we were expecting the normal or perhaps reduced portion will be served, however, what delivered was amazing.

Goen Japanese Udon Noodles 3

“It is big and what! $6.80? That’s damn cheap!” Astonished with the portion served, Jia Qi acclaimed.

It is truth the the curry rice served here is at least 25% more in size compare to many Japanese stalls or shops. If you have a big gastronomical capacity, it is going to be fulfilling meal.

Goen Japanese Udon Noodles 6

The breaded and deep-fried pork cutlet was nicely done but the real McCoy goes to the special curry sauce that replaced water to the base by tonkatsu stock, a dreary process of boiling the pork bones for at least 10 hours to break down gelatin to perk up the flavour.

Udon GEON Japanese Tonkotsu Original Curry Rice $7.8
Goen Japanese Udon Noodles 4

Chicken was replaced by Tonkotsu or pork cutlet, not as huge as the Chicken curry rice but the price is very affordable. Crispy fried Tonkatsu was soaked with the mild spicy and robustly delectable curry.

Goen Japanese Udon Noodles 7

Udon GEON Japanese Tonkatsu Udon/Reman $9.8

Goen Japanese Udon Noodles 8

The reman here is good enough to challenge some of the Japanese restaurants with its flavourful Tonkotsu soup. Though the aftertaste porky smell from the Tonkotsu was pungent but overall is an enticing experience.

Japanese Fried Chicken (3 pcs) $2.0

 Goen Japanese Udon Noodles 10

Kaki-age Tempura (Vegetable) $3.0

 Goen Japanese Udon Noodles 9

Udon GEON Orchard Our verdict:

Udon GOEN Japanese curry rice and reman have garnered its popularity from its affordability and delectability. If you are around the Orchard area and looking for Japanese food that is wallet friendly, you should know where to go.

Thanks Udon GOEN & Fazirah for the invitation.

Udon GOEN, Orchard

Address: 435 Orchard Road Wisma Atria #04-02/38 Food Republic (Stall 11) Singapore 238877

Hours: Open daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm


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