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Ubin kitchen @ Joo Chiat 乌敏小厨 – for the like of Hokkien cuisine

Ubin kitchen @ Joo Chiat 乌敏小厨 – for the like of Hokkien cuisine

Moved over from Pulau Ubin island in the early days and popular with Fujian dishes, can the Fujian traditional cuisine restaurant be retained after the move? Located in Joo Chiat Road, it was one of the more homely restaurants that we planned to explore for some time and finally we got the chance to make our presence here.

ubin kitchen 1

Very traditional Chinese restaurant set up, air conditioned and clean.

ubin kitchen 2

Ngoh Hiang

ubin kitchen 4

Too much of flour and lacked of the much needed prawn flavour and tasted overall quite bland and lacked of a good Ngoh Hiang character.

Fried Sweet potatoes leaf with sambal

ubin kitchen 5

Not easy to cook sweet potatoes leaf well, fortunately, the chef whipped out a delicious one that able to please our taste buds.


Chicken wing

ubin kitchen 6

We actually returned the chicken wings to the kitchen which was not cooked internally, the deep fry only worked on the outer surface. The coated sauce was mildly taste and quite a disappointment. Luckily the waitress courteously accepted our complaint and returned with fully cooked wings.

Honey Pork rib $14.0

ubin kitchen 3

One of the Ubin Kitchen signature dishes, prepared using top grade ribs and seasoned with concocted spices, doused with honey, it was appetizing with its tender ribs; the meat was easily fall off the bone and melt-in-month. A thumb up!

Salted egg sotong with curry leaf $16.0

ubin kitchen 8

The problem was not the fault with the salted egg which was fairly nice, it was the sotong that failed to impress. The sotong was too big a chuck, rubbery and tough that was so difficult to chew, we have to give up completely and never finished the dish.

White Bee Hoon $16.0

ubin kitchen 7

We like the Sembanwang white Bee hoon a lot and whenever there is a white bee hoon available, we hardly give it a miss. Ubin Kitchen fried white bee hoon was a little too dry and not as tasty as we expect, standard wise still a big gap from the Sembawang white bee hoon.

Our verdict, though Ubin Kitchen is specialized in Fujian cuisine, we are skeptical how the authenticity of the delicacy, it apparently has a mixture of different styles. As for the dishes we have tried, it was both the hits and misses, while we like the honey pork ribs and fried sambal sweet potatoes leaf, equally disappointment from the chicken wing, salted egg cuttlefish and the Ngoh Hiang. If you intend to visit the restaurant, do more research for the right choice.


Ubin kitchen @ Joo Chiat 乌敏小厨

Add: 357 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427602

Tel: 63482202

Hrs: Mon – Sun: 11:30 am – 2:30 pm, 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm




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