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Two Wings Chicken @ Timbre+ Ayer Rajah

It is an upgraded urban food hall located among the industrial buildings. Timbre+ offers a diversity of restaurant-grade food and hawker food under one roof at an affordable price.
The place is well ventilated and spacious, huge fans provide consistent air ventilation to keep the non air-conditioned place comfortable. Live music performance helps to enliven the ambience while dining here.
Two wings Chicken is one of the tenants here and their popularity has triggered our curiosity to check them out.
Original flavor 8.9
The battered chicken wings have a nice crisp coating and tender meat but the flavour is not something can create a deep impression on you.
We needed to dip into the chilli sauce which 99% resembled the Hainanese chicken rice chili sauce to perk up the flavour.
Salted egg flavor 8.9
The additional salted egg sauce doused over the wings help to lift up the flavour compared to the original flavour but again, the chicken tasted ok but they were not mind-blowing.
Our verdict 
We did enjoy the crisp coating and juicy meat, but Two Wings Chicken did not impress us too much with its tamed flavour. The seasoning seems to focus on the exterior and neglected the interior substance.
Two Wings Chicken 
A: 73A Ayer Rajah Crescent #01-30, Timbre+, Singapore 139957
Monday to Thursday, 6am to 12am
Friday & Saturday, 6am to 1am
Closed on Sunday
Live music performances on Monday to Saturday nights.
T: 65 96670368


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