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Traditional Hainanese Curry Rice – 中国街海南咖哩饭

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Traditional Hainanese Curry Rice – 中国街海南咖哩饭

The auntie operating the stall seems to be quite experienced in dealing with foodies or the media, clearly indicated by the number of accolades and rave reviews prominently displayed at the stall. This was proven when I approached the stall: without me even uttering a word, she had already guessed correctly that we wanted to review her food! Of course, the DSLR camera in front of me probably gave that away. Traditional Hainanese curry rice 2 She immediately picked up a piece of traditional fried pork chop and passed it me, “Try my pork chop, it is nice.” “Wow….. Are you trying to “bribe” me?” I tried to tease her. She just smiled in return, a real nice lady though. Traditional Hainanese curry rice 5 We ordered the pork chop that she had so enthusiastically recommended; besides, eating Hainanese Curry Rice without the signature pork chop seems to be an incomplete review. The other dishes were eggs, cabbage, egg plants, deep fried fish and long bean. The rice was drenched with curry gravy as we requested for extra gravy topping – my two kids like the curry rice soaked with gravy for an extra punch. Though traditional Hainanese curry is very mild in the spiciness and an extra serving would not be too lethal. The gravy was rich and aromatic, a balancing of spices and was impressively delightful. Traditional Hainanese curry rice 4 All the dishes were sumptuously cooked; the taste of traditional Hainanese curry rice was unreservedly showcased in all the dishes, from the simple fried cabbage to the crispy fried fish, with an unmistakeable nostalgic flavour that truly lives up to the name of the stall. Traditional Hainanese curry rice 1 Traditional Hainanese Curry Rice Address: Redhill Market and Food Centre, Blk 85 Redhill Lane #01-03 Singapore 150085



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  • Avatar Low PS says:

    This stall very expensive, better consider???
    Not worth the value, food taste so so only

  • Avatar Ron says:

    There are many stalls of China Street Hainanese Rice around this country. The 2 stalls which are well known are operated by 2 brothers separately at Red Hill and Maxwell market. I would personally prefer the one operating@Maxwell market.

  • Avatar TK says:

    Ron, thanks for the info, We have tried both Redhill and Maxwell stalls and like both.

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