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Tracy Juice Culture Review – Healthy Eating Made Delicious

Tracy Juice Culture

Tracy Juice Culture 1

Tracy Juice Culture is a small vegetarian eatery which offers a variety of healthy drinks ranging from their Signature blend of Apple Wheat, Creamy Beetroot and Pine Lemon to Wheaty Black Soya, Trio Yellow, ‘O’ Passion’ Avo-Smoothie. Desserts and limited special meals like the Tracy’s Special Udon and Wild Rice Congee are also available.

Hakka tradition Thunder Tea Rice is made available on specific days as well.

Tracy’s Signature Blend – Pine Lemon $3.8

This fruit juice is uniquely blended with Pineapples, lemon, Lime and Kumquat with their skin and seeds intact. The combination was a cup of refreshing and nutritional drink that we fully enjoyed.

Tracy’s Special Nibbles – Tracy’s Special Udon $7.8

Tracy Juice Culture 4

Consists of Japanese Udon served with mushrooms, broccoli, mock meat and cherry tomatoes, soup base is made from tomatoes and parsley blended with mushrooms. The result is a bowl of rich and robust soup that you can taste and fully appreciate the different flavours of the mushrooms. A really good creation that we finished to the last drop. A dish that we highly recommend.

Tracy Juice Culture 2

Tracy Juice Culture 5

Tracy’s Special Nibbles – Wild Rice Congee $4.0

Tracy Juice Culture 3

Nutritious congee consisting of 5 different types of Organic Rice mixed with Herbs, Wolf Berries, Corn, Mushrooms and Seaweed. The concoction mix was rich and thick, and tastes as good as any Cantonese Congee but the vegetarian version. The rice grains were smooth and absorbed all the flavours from the ingredients.

If you think thick rice grain porridge without meat will make you grimace, you can be assured this place will change your opinion.

Our verdict 

From the juices to the Udon and wild rice congee, Tracy Juice Culture gives a complete different perspective about vegetarian food and healthy dieting, which it can be so fulfilling and satisfying. Tracy Juice Culture  – A hidden gem and a place we will highly recommend to all.

A: 190 Middle Road
 Fortune Centre
 Singapore 188978

T: +65 6224 0701
 : HP: +65 9664 7669

H: Mon – Sun, 9:00am – 7:00pm




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