Top Best Rice Dumpling Bak Chang in Singapore

Best Rice Dumpling

1Finding The Best Rice Dumpling Bak Chang in Singapore 

Best Rice Dumpling

Duan Wu festival or the Dragon boat festival is just around the corner and myriad of aroma from the rice dumpling or bak chang have already filled the air.

This pyramid shape of bamboo leaf wrapped with rice and the rich profusions of ingredients have been creating the yearly sentimental yearning for this tradition food.

Daun pandan rice dumpling bak chang 1

Locally, there are not many bak chang players in the mass market, of course, we are not talking about those far-fetched and exorbitant rice dumplings filled with abalone or exotic stuff from the restaurants or hotels, but the bak chang you can buy from the food centres or shophouses around us.

Here is the list of Bak Chang that we have tried but only three are worth the recommendation.