Top Best Fish Soup in Singapore


1Top Best Fish Soup in Singapore

It has been eight months since we published the Best Fish Soup in Singapore, The Glutton family has never stopped exploring new places of good fish soup and now is the time to provide an update on our new discoveries!

Here is the list of fish soup stalls that we have patronized so far:

While we continue searching for the best, some may have to drop from our list to give way for the better one, this is our commitment to keep the list only for the Best.



  1. There is one at Newton hawker centre stall 20. Orange colour bowl. Their fish soup superb. The one facing the carpark.

  2. Jalan Berseh Food Centre “Mei xiang”! Its always long q but they serve very quickly!!! Generous fish amount !

  3. Hi, please try heng heng fish soup at jurong west st 52 hawker centre. Simple and good

  4. Love your posts but but can I make a tiny request? Can post the address in a tiny section below each review so don’t need to click on each individual stall link to find out where they are please? =D

    Thanks for looking out for the fish soup lovers, finally! Two thumbs up =P

  5. Audrey, actually most of the readers will vet thru the review first to have good understanding of the food quality before heading down to the stall. Looks like you trust our picks and don’t want to go thru the contents. 🙂 anyway, We will consider to add the address to the post in future. Thanks for the feedback.

  6. Hey! You should try the tai song fish soup at Taman Jurong food centre. Level 3. Once you come up from the escalator, on ur left. After the lor mee stall 🙂

  7. What about Blanco Court Fish Soup at Aliwal Street? There is always a long queue for that one during lunchtime and its really good. I’ve eaten it everyday for two months straight.

  8. Hi, you can try out Fan Ji Yu Zhou at Hong Lim Food Center! It is always long queue, the soup is tasty and they give a lot of fresh fish!

  9. Yu Le (鱼乐) at Blk 177 Toa Payoh Central. It’s so good I eat it almost everyday lol. Must try.

  10. newly opened fish soup at amoy street food center 2nd floor, name is Doris Seafood. truly a gem, must try!!

  11. Shall try jalan kukoh market fish soup, there are two stalls with great broth, both had 20years experience. Go for the one with the orange bowl(skinny auntie), and add fresh prawns and it only cost you $5 to $6. Their generous portion is the most in Singapore, I have tried all your recommendations but none beat the price and the quality. Very hidden gem.

  12. Japan kukoh blk one. Opens on weekdays, normally opens from 10am to 2pm only.
    Jalan kukoh is very small, so it is very easy to find it. Skinny auntie cooking, stall is beside the western food stall

  13. Where Yan ji Wei Wei move to, I saw one stall name Yan Ji at kallang airport. But dun think is the one….


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