Top 2 Best Curry Chicken Mee in Singapore


1Top 2 Best Curry Chicken Mee in Singapore

Top 2 Best Curry Chicken Mee in Singapore


Good chicken curry mee in Singapore isn’t easy to come by – and after an extensive search, we have come up with the Top 2 finalists – the only two we can support with full confidence. We had to drop many from our list because many stalls are imitations or “copycats” lacking in originality – it’s not certain if they are franchisees, but the standard did vary too greatly for us to include them.

So how did the final two make it onto our list?

Here’s our criteria:

  • Curry gravy – the soul of curry mee: the gravy has to achieve the right balance – rich but not overly thick or too dilute, with a nice and fragrant curry flavour, further enhanced by coconut milk and other spices or ingredients. Not too oily – definitely no thick layer of oil.
  • Chicken chunks – preferably fully de-boned. Steamed white chicken should be moist and juicy.
  • Potato – American or Holland yellow potatoes which are more tasty and tender. Not the cheaper, hard and tasteless white potatoes.
  • Tau pok – Many curry mee stalls tend to opt for the coarse and fluffy type of tau pok (fluffy fried bean curd), rather than the finer and more substantial, “meaty” tau pok to cut cost, which compromises the quality of the dish. You can guess which version we prefer!
  • Fish cake – chewy but not packed with flour or made from cheap and low quality fish.

Our pick for the two finalists are Heng Kee Curry Chicken Noodles (Hong Lim) and its rival Ah Heng Curry Chicken Mee Hoon Mee. Who should be crowned King of Curry Mee? Let’s take a closer look!

For a fair comparison, we ordered curry mee from both stalls at the same time and evaluated them side by side.



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