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Tong Lok Kway Chap 同楽粿汁- Sweet Kway Chap, anyone?

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Tong Lok Kway Chap

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Tong Lok Kway Chap 同楽粿汁- Sweet Kway Chap, anyone?

Being in Pasir Panjang for our usual weekend food trail, we dropped by the nearby Tong Lok Kway Chap as part of our island-wide best Kway Chap hunt.

While on the search for the best Kway Chap, we realized that Kway Chap differs in taste and preparation methods from stall to stall. There are in fact a few different styles of Kway Chap available here:

– The first type is also the most common one which uses soy sauce as the main base for the dark gravy in the kway and the braised dishes, most kway chap fall in this category and boasts a familiar savory flavour.

– The less common one uses herbs and spices to give a more distinct herbal flavour. One of the more popular herb-based kway chap can be found at Macpherson area – we’ll be covering this in the future.

– The most uncommon one probably is the sweet kind, with a distinct saccharine taste. Tong Lok Kway Chap falls under this category and is what we’ll be reviewing here!

Tong Lok Kway Chap is located at the corner of a coffee shop along Pasir Panjang Road not too far from Pasir Panjang Food Centre. Most of the tables we observed seem to order the kway chap from Tong Lok – looks like the stall has its supporters!

Tong Lok kway chap 2

We ordered the serving for two ($9) and it came with standard braised items like pork belly, innards, Tau pok (fluffy fried bean curd), eggs, fish cakes and salted vegetable. The “Kway” was smooth and has a soft texture, the interesting part was the sauce added into the bowl of “kway”, it tasted sweet with a touch of cinnamon flavour. This is the first time we’ve ever tasted sweet kway chap and honestly, because it’s so different from what have come to expect, we are are not sure if we can accept it yet…

Tong Lok kway chap 3

However, Tong Lok Kway Chap has been around for a long time and be it sweet or salty, this seems to be more of a personal preference or an acquired taste, because judging by the crowds tucking into their Kway Chap, they definitely have a firm following!

Tong Lok kway chap 4

The assortment of braised items score well for their excellent taste and texture, we especially like the melt-in-your-mouth braised pork. The innards did not have the porky smell and go very well with the chili sauce as well. The Chili sauce is worth a special mention, as it comes with a perfect balance of sweetness and sourness accompanied by the right level of spiciness. This is probably one of the best chili sauce we’ve ever tasted from a Kway Chap stall.

Tong Lok kway chap 5

Overall, Tong Lok Kway Chap has managed to differentiate themselves from the mass, and if you like sweetness in your kway chap then you should definitely give Tong Lok Kuey Chap a try as well. The braised items, especially the braised pork will likely win you over as well!

Tong Lok kway chap 1

Tong Lok Kway Chap 同楽粿汁

Add: Eng Lock Koo Coffeeshop, 114 Pasir Panjang Road s118539

Hrs: Tue – Sat 7am to 3pm, Closed on Mondays and Sundays



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