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Tong Aik Wanton Mee 东益云吞面

Tong Aik Wanton Mee 东益云吞面

Review written by glutton princess – QiQi

I’ve been to this stall for as long as I can remember. Never stopped coming back once in a while for a simple tasty brunch. I have to say that this stall is relatively popular, especially among the residents leaving nearby, so do be prepared to queue for a while if you come early in the morning!

ta mee 1

Tong Aik Wanton Mee 东益云吞面

What I like about this stall, is that it’s cheap ($2.50), and they are flexible. My brother and I are super crazy over fried wantons, but as most of you know, Wanton Mee normally comes with the soupy ones. The first few times we didn’t touch our wantons because we were rather young and fussy then (Yes it was quite a while ago!) but my mum decided to make a special request to change the wantons to fried ones one day and the stall owner actually said yes! (Hooray for nice stall owners) We’ve been having them since.

When it comes to Wanton Mee, I am very particular about the noodles. Not sure about you, but I am not a big fan of the Hong Kong styled noodles because they are kind of rubbery and it leaves behind a weird taste in my mouth. (This is just my personal preference, it’s totally cool if yours defer from mine) The black sauce that they used doesn’t help make the noodles taste any better either, so those aren’t my thing.

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However, the noodles that Tong Aik Wanton noodle used are like the normal noodles I eat, and the sauce is salty and savoury! Both sauce and noodles really complement each other very well. I always request for extra spicy because it’s so delicious, it really is worth all the tears and sweat. The noodles are also always chewy, which is key, because soggy noodles are not meant to be eaten.

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The fried wantons aren’t really fantastic, but for a little kid that likes salty batter, then this is the place to go. The meat given is just a small pinch, but I prefer fried wantons to those in soup any time of the day. The Cha Shao isn’t exactly very tasty either, most of the time I just pop the slices into my mouth, and dive right into the noodles. The noodles with the sauce are really the main highlight here.

I am a HUGE fan of soup, and sadly they aren’t very consistent in this area. On days when you’re lucky, the soup’s tasty, on days when you’re not, it tastes extremely diluted. Maybe want to check your luck for the day before heading to have some Wanton Mee?

All in all, I think for the price that you’re paying, what the stall has to offer is way more than what you paid for. If you’re not too fussy, this is the place to go! Considering how I’ve been to this stall for YEARS, you know it can’t be that bad!

511 wanton mee

Tong Aik Wanton Mee 东益云吞面

Address: Bedok 511 Market and Food Centre

Block 511, Bedok North Avenue 2, Stall #01-10,

Operating Hours: Open in the morning only before noon



  1. I’m a big fan of wanton mee. After chicnekg out the websites for where to eat wanton mee we ran into this site. Great reviews and all the hoopla. Yesterday (Oct.16th, 2010) my girlfriend and I went to their Subang Jaya outlet for dinner. We ordered dry wanton mee, dumpling soup and curry mee. The medium wanton mee came looking like the size of small. But we didn’t bother asking as long it taste good. I don’t know what you guys know about eating wanton mee but this one definitely won’t make a pass for those of us who knows our wanton mee . The noodle tasted like its old and factory made as oppose to handmade?? . The sauce has no zing. Very bland. With a couple of wilted choy sum, shredded char siew and oil soaked deep fried wantons. The dumpling is very soft and filled with God knows what!! My girlfriend’s curry mee is so greasy that would cause anyone with indigestion to be laid out in bed for a week with a heartburn! It is very santany! Definitely not going to make another trip to this place. The hawker stalls can do better than this!

  2. The following information appears at the top of this article.

    “Tong Aik Wanton Mee
    Rating: 3.5
    Reviewed by: Ieatandeat Team
    On 08/09/2013”

    This would mean that this review was done almost four years ago. Is the information still relevant?

  3. Plus the operators are very very rude esp the uncle serving!!!! Looks like gangster and as though people owes him a million!!!!! I rather pay more for better food and service to enjoy!!! ….LATEST NEWS!!!

  4. I don’t think so…standard has dropped alot compared to the earlier days and service not friendly!!!

  5. Sad to hear that the standard dropped, we have not been there for a long time, perhaps time to do a revisit to verify the standard. Thanks for the feedback.

  6. Hey…why is the comments so biased as the true comments though it’s bad is not fully published!? Is this website controlled by the stall owners itself…of not why there’s no freedom to comment truthfully!!

  7. Indeed the standard had dropped tremendously since Day1where the char siew is no longer delicious like before and the service is very unfriendly esp ever since the uncle assistant came and he really turns people off with his fierce look with no amicable service attitude!!! & whenever feedback given, they told customers to patronize some where else!!!

  8. We always published both positive feedback and feedback for improvement. Sometime the source may be blocked by the spam filter system installed as we need to manage the hundreds and thousand of spam comments each day. Thanks for the understanding.


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