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Tiong Bahru Koh Brother pig’s organ soup 许兄弟猪什汤

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Tiong Bahru Koh Brother pig’s organ soup 许兄弟猪什

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Koh Brother pig’s organ soup has been around since the 50s specializes in serving pig offal soup. Since they started the business in the Tiong Bahru Market and Food Centre, they have garnered quite a lot of the supporters judging from the queue during peak hours.

The stall serves pork balls, lean pork slices and the various intestines, so, what makes the stall more popular than other pig organ stall in town?

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The broth is always the soul of a good pig organ soup, freshly brewed daily from pig bones and mustard vegetables; the soup comes with the natural sweetness from the pig bones and a tinge of saltiness from the mustard vegetables. Soup is clear and every spoonful was a delightful taste.

Another crucial factor will be the organs that go with into the bowl of soup, the intestines were clean and you don’t get the pungent smell from the viscera parts. All the organs e.g. pig liver, belly, lean meat were tender and cooked to the right texture. We can say that everything went into the bowl of the soup were nicely done up and to differentiate from other pig organ stalls.


Glutinous rice with stuffed chestnuts wrapped in Pig intestine

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Besides selling pig organ soup, the stall has a specialty that you should consider of trying it out. The glutinous rice with stuffed chestnuts wrapped in the pig intestine; this is another popular item from the stall well received by many of the patrons. The glutinous rice was cooked to perfection, the gooey of the rice was impregnated with the flavour from the intestine as well as the sweetness of the chestnut, a lovely side order that you should go for it before it is vanished from our scene and can only be found in our food legacy.

Overall, Koh Brother Pig organ soup is commendable for it good quality of the pig organs and the soup, not forgetting the surprisingly delicious glutinous rice with stuffed chestnuts wrapped in Pig intestine.

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Koh Brother Pig’s Organ Soup (许兄弟猪什汤)

Address: Tiong Bahru Market & Food Centre, 30 Seng Poh Road #02-29 Singapore 168898

Operating Hours: Tue-Sun: 8am – 3pm (Closed on Mon)Hours: Tue – Sun: 09:00 – 15:00



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