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Tian Bao Szechuan Kitchen

Tian Bao Szechuan Kitchen – The Authentic Szechuan delicacies

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There is no shortage of Szechuan restaurants in Singapore, however, most of the dishes offering here have been heavily modified to suit the local taste. Finding one that is authentic and adhering to the Szechuan origin flavour could be a daunting task.


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Tian Bao Szechuan Kitchen (known as“天宝阁”in Chinese) is well-known in Szechuan for the Xiao Chi (Dim Sum) and true Szechuan cuisine, the Restaurant attempts to combine the best of both local Singaporean flavours with Szechuan variations.

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Our visit to the restaurant at Ngee Ann City was packed with diners tucking in the Szechuan cuisine. Offering the traditional soup, noodles, dumpling, dim sum, cold dishes, snacks and desserts. Look up the ceiling and the stack of steam trays was inversely mounted to the ceiling, showcasing the typical Chinese dim sum set up.

Spicy and Sour Soup with Bamboo and Tofu Strips $7.80

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Good spicy and sour soup lays on the right sourness with the right touch of the spiciness, that’s what you can expect from Tian Bao, the generous serving of bamboo shots and Tofu strips complement real well to this popular Szechuan soup.

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Cubes with Cashew Nuts $13.80

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The synonym of the diced chicken fried with dried chilli but with a tab of sweetness and not fiercely hot. Chicken cubes were tender and went real well with the sauce.

 Seafood Fried Rice $12.60
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Not Szechuan origin but more a local dish, rice was grainy and fragrance, simple yet flavourful.

 Pan-Fried Dumpling with Chicken Sauce $6.80

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Dumpling was lightly pan-fried and the chive filling was nicely done for a zestful bite.

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Tian Bao Small Pau with Pork $9.80

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The Xiao Long Pau was paper thin and the sag was elastic enough without tearing apart when lifted, the minced pork filling was well seasoned and the thrill of the luscious juices oozing out simply electrifying.

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Golden Stir-Fry Prawn Balls with Salted Egg Sauce $18.80

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Though Tiao Bao focuses on authentic Szechuan cuisine, local popular dishes are carefully chosen and integrated into the menu to provide the diners a wider choice.

Tofu Cube with Premium Minced Pork in Specialty Sauce $12.80

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The dish was unpretentious, hearty and served with a good dose of Szechuan hospitality. The special sauce was delightfully tangy and mild spicy, as well as the succulent minced pork are sublime here.

Premium Black Sugar Ice Jelly with Osmanthus $3.80

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Silky jelly was infused with the flavour of Osmanthus, the black sugar could be a tad too sweet else a nice dessert to neutralize the Szechuan spiciness.

Tian Bao Szechuan Kitchen Our verdict:

Our stomachs were stretched to the limit but the list of the Szechuan delicacies are not at all exhaustive, it requires another few visits to fully appreciate the Szechuan cuisine, nevertheless, Tian Bao Szechuan Kitchen has not disappointed us for a sumptuous meals, it is the lasting finishing on the tastebuds that virtues the connoisseur price.

Thanks Tian Bao Szechuan Kitchen for sponsoring the review.

Tian Bao Szechuan Kitchen

Address: 391 Orchard Road, #05-06/07 Ngee Ann City Podium Block, Singapore 238872

Telephone: 6734 4216



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