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Thye Moh Chan 泰茂栈 – The Teochew Legacy

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We have to applause Breadtalk’s efforts to revive the once popular Teochew confectionery shop – Thye Moh Chan. It is not so much a subject of making money from this fainting pastries shop but the thought of safeguarding our gastronomic heritage to keep the household name alive.

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To the younger generation, Thye Moh Chan is probably just another Chinese business passed down by generations, however, for the older generations especially amongst the Teochew, Thye Moh Chan has always a part to play in their hearts, from wedding, new born or birthday, boxes of the pastries have accompanied us in celebrating many happy occasions. The flaky skins traditional sweet tau sar piah (mung bean filling), traditional salty tau sar piah (blend of mung bean paste, shallots and white sesame) and many other type of traditional pastries that not able to name it have contributed to the sweetest parts in our life.

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We can see the revival of Thye Moh Chan is now completely transformed from a rundown old fashioned confectionery shop into a modern and well organized bakery house. Under the same management of BreadTalk, not only the business model got the big revamp but the range of products have gone through significant change with the introduction of series of new products to better meeting the younger generations tastebuds. For example the Yuan Yang that made up of pork floss, salted egg yolk, sesame and the savoury bean paste. The Teochew Yam that come with a soft creamy yam paste. Or the Cranberry Tau Sar Piah with filling come in mung bean paste and dried cranberries.

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Thye Moh Chan may be on the pricy side, one box of 8 normal Tau Sar Piah costs $10.80  or $15 for a large piece, though the quality of the pastries are generally good especially the flaky skin. Well, it may be the price we need to pay for preserving the tradition, worth it? We think so if for our precious culture.

Thye Moh Chan is not just of its handcrafted bakery we need to preserve but a story worth keeping alive in our rich and diverse food cultures. We are glad to see some of the old workers used to work for the old Thye Moh Chan are now continuing the legacy at the new facelift outlets, they have painstakingly handmade countless of piah in the past and let’s hope we can continue to enjoy countless of the same tantalizing piah down the generations.

Thye Moh Chan 泰茂

Branch: 133 New Bridge Road, #01-45/46 Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413
Tel: 66048858
Branch: 290 Orchard Rd #B1-11/12 The Paragon Singapore 238859
Hrs: 10am – 10pm

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