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Third Place

Third place @ MedTech

Third place 1

What is the Third Place? “First place” representing home, “second place” symbolishing the work place and “third place” is where you will find the balance between the two; a place aspires to be the home away from home and work.

Third place 2

Third place features a concept that suits the theme of its location and emphasizes on creating a different day and night atmosphere. Located away from the residential and shopping belts, Third Place found its love in the industrial building, occupying the eating house that serves Chicken rice, noodles and hawker food in the day but transformed into a cafe, tapas and zi char bar rolled into one to cater for the public at night. Sound cool!

Third place 3

Managed by the Select group, the place is not air-conditioned but airy, clean and spacious, when night falls, the blinds are drawn at the front of the hawker stalls to conceal the equipment and the facade of the stall, shun off any of the traces from the bustling food court.

We have the opportunity to review the new concept and the experience of the Tapas and zi char.

Krab’s Ocean Drink – Red Wine Alaska Crab Leg $18

Third place 5

Alaska crab leg with a sip of red wine for a easy and refreshing start.

Beef Me Up – Roasted Beef Rib $14

Third place 4

Beef was skillfully roasted to appreciate the tenderness and juiciness of the beef.

Combination Plate $80

Third place 6

Served with the following: – Crispy shredded popiah ball with prawn and salted egg yolk, – Jelly fish with sweet and spicy sauce, – Fried enoki mushroom with salt and pepper – Mango prawn roll (seasonal) – Papaya Salad (seasonal) A good appetizer combination good for ten persons.

Nonya-Style Steamed Red Grouper (seasonal price)

Third place 7

The fish was fresh and tender, steamed with Nonya chili sauce. A good thumb up from us.

Fried Prawn Ball with Macadamia Nut in Orange Sauce $18/$27/$36

Third place 8

Fried Prawn balls with copious of Macadamia nuts and the citrus sauce added the extra zest to the dish.

Beancurd with Hon-Shimeji Muchroom $12/$18/$24

Third place 9

The beancurd was slightly crisp external but silky smooth internally, perfect matched with the Hon-Shimeji mushroom.

Pork Rib with Honey Peach $15/$22/$30

Third place 10

The pork rib was tangy, tender and flavoursome.

Stir-Fried Assorted Vegetables $16/$22/$30

Third place 11

Chili Crab (seasonal price)

Third place 12

The chili was mild and definitely well within the tolerable limit for most of the people. Chili flavour could be more robust and intense to be more inspiring.

Signature Salted Egg Cheese Crab (seasonal price)

Third place 13

The Sri Lanka crab was meaty and well cooked to retain the juiciness of the meat. Salted egg flavour may not too distinct partly owning to the large crab, overall is still a satisfying dish.

Third Place Our verdict:

Third place has given the dull and boring industrial sites another aspect of life, besides heading down to City for a good chill out place, perhaps there is now a Third place near to your work area for an alternative.

Note: Thanks Third Place for the invitation

Third place Third place @ MedTech

Address: JTC Medtech One, 2 Tukang Innovation Grove, #01-01, Singapore 618305

Hours: Mon to Sat 6AM – 10PM, Closed on Sundays & PH

Third Place @ CleanTech

Address:  JTC Cleantech One, 1 Cleantech Loop, #02-32, Singapore 637141

Hours: Mon to Fri 7AM – 7PM, Sat 7AM – 2PM, Closed on Sundays & PH

Tuas 7 (NEW!)

Address: 18 Tuas Avenue 7, Singapore 639272

Hours: Mon to Sat 6AM – 10PM, Closed on Sundays & PH




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