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T20C The Twenty Cavan Review – Everything We Tried is Good

T20C The Twenty Cavan Review


T20C The Twenty Cavan serves modern Asian cuisine but in a western manner, located along the Cavan road and surrounded by industries and offices. T20C adopts the industrial chic décor to create an ambience that is conducive for relaxation and dining.


Chef Andrew Lim worked for the top hotel previously and now heads the kitchen of T20C. The new way of presenting Chinese cuisine challenges the tradition and gives the cuisine a brand new perspective.

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab curry chicken floss $9


The soft shell crab was served with wasabi and curry chicken floss, giving the starter a unique blend of taste on top of the sweet and crispy soft shell crab.

Mushroom Skewer peppercorn flavoured Portobello & Shiitake mushroom $8


Portobello mushrooms are tender and meaty and when combined with Shiitake mushrooms, it highlighted their versatility and tastiness. The accompanied sauce gave the extra flavour to elevate up the taste, another good starter to start with.

Prawn & Scallops chilli lime, cous cous $20


The seafood’s flavour was enlivened by the appetizing sour sweet chilli lime sauce, whose the refreshing taste complemented well the freshness and sweetness of the prawns and scallops, perfect pairing with the cous cous. We fell in love with this dish from the first bite.

Canton Roast Chicken black rice, homemade Thai chilli sauce $18


The Cantonese roasted chicken had a nice crispy skin and the meat was moist and tender. Chicken was well-seasoned and succulent. The spicy and sweet Thai chilli sauce doused over the roasted chicken was a good blend and helped to lift the overall flavour.

Stir-fried Blueberry Pork Belly cous cous $20


Highly recommended by the waitress for this signature dish. Instead of the traditional way of serving the pork belly on its own, the chef has done in a creative manner to combine blueberry and Pork Belly served with cous cous, it was tastefully done with its alluring flavour and nice texture. We have to agree sometimes western and oriental cooking can create wonders when put together.

Crispy Fish + Chips coated with lager batter $17


The crispiness of the deep fried-fish and French fries were not at all compromised after our prolonged photo shooting session. We loved the tenderness and moist fillets with the nice lager batter coating. One of the more memorable fish fillets that we have come across so far.


Matcha Pudding black glutinous rice $7


An interesting dessert which combines black glutinous rice with Matcha pudding. You can definitely appreciate the fragrance of matcha, the added black glutinous rice gave the dessert a nice dressing and helped to increase the depth of overall flavour.

Pumpkin Yam Puree chilled coconut cream $8


The usual popular yam paste was getting a face lift with a new twist with blending of mashed pumpkin and yam topped with chilled coconut cream. Not so sweet and nice dessert to complete the meal.


Our verdict 


T20C The Twenty Cavan – We are glad for making the right choice to visit this cafe, not just for the pleasantly nice industrial chic décor but the tantalising meals come with every single main course we have tried. The cafe might be young – a few months into the operation, but the place serves seriously great food with very reasonable price that deserves a lot more of our support.

T20C The Twenty Cavan

A: 20 Cavan Road, Singapore 209851

H: 11am to 11pm daily, Closed on Mondays

T: +65 66126024



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