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The Roti Prata House

The best roti prata house 3

The Roti Prata House 

We’re always on the lookout for good roti prata that ranks high in quality and taste. The Roti Prata House has been on our hit list for some time, as it’s one of the places that many have raved about – both for their crispy coin prata and the all-important curry – so we’re glad we’ve finally had the chance to have a taste for ourselves!

Coin prata with mutton curry

So how did the coin prata fare? (As you can see, it’s named ‘coin’ prata as it’s smaller and rounder than the usual palm sized prata.) It was slightly charred on the surface, and also left a visible layer of oil on the plate. Oil was also visible in between the layers of the prata – so it wasn’t exactly light and airy. The texture was also a little flourier than usual which could be due to insufficient tossing. However, the prata had the fragrance of ghee or butter, which is what makes prata so sinfully delightful. As for the mutton curry, it was rich and suffused with the aroma of spices; although we think the mutton could be more tender and have more depth of flavour. Overall, it was still pretty satisfactory, leaving the the two big kids clamoring for more.

The best roti prata house 4


Plain prata and with eggs

Similar to the coin prata, the prata has a tad of sweetness and you can truly enjoy its fragrance. Again, the ‘beating’ of the dough may not have been adequate as its texture and chewiness still doesn’t hold a candle to the nearby Sin Ming Roti Prata.

The best roti prata house 3

As is usually the case, the egg version was fluffier with the extra texture from the added eggs, however the crispiness of the prata was much compromised. Our kids seem to enjoy the extra eggs more than crispiness but it is always the adults who are more partial to the plain prata, simply because of the taste and texture.

The best roti prata house 2

Both the curry mutton and curry fish were rich and thick, not the diluted cost cutting gravy from many of the prata stalls. We preferred the fish curry for its well-balanced sourness and spiciness.

Bee Hoon Goreng

For our ideal bee hoon goreng, we usually look out for the slightly charred flavour that we think is the true essence of any goreng dish – unfortunately, we couldn’t find that in this particular rendition. Though the bee hoon goreng was still tasty and flavourful, this was not something we’d go out of our way to eat again.

The best roti prata house 1

Roti John – Mutton

Perhaps it’s not their ‘core competency’, but the Roti John was much lacking in substance – its presentation was not appealing and the taste of the mutton was very much overpowered by the cheese.

The best roti prata house 5


The best roti prata house 6

Lime Juice

Drinks aren’t usually the focal point of any review, but this version was so disappointing that we’ve just got to mention it. We usually love to order a lime juice to go along with our prata as we love the acidity to counteract all the grease – but the so-called lime juice here only featured three small little Calamansi floating in a cup of water, flavored with sugar. Taste of lime? NO! Plain water with sugar? YES!

Our verdict, The Roti Prata House does serve good prata that’s comparable in quality and taste to some of the best prata shops in Singapore. However, they seem to be only good at their roti prata and not other non-core dishes. So stick to what it’s known for and you won’t go wrong!

The Roti Prata House

Address: 246M & 246K, Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574370

Tel: 6459 5260

Operating Hours: Sun – Thurs: 7am – 2am, Fri – Sat & PH: 24 hours




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