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The Rockin’ Diner @ 11 Club Street

The Rockin’ Diner @ 11 Club Street
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Have you been to the basement of Tangs in Orchard Road and tried the hot dog at The Mustard Incident? Accolades about the generously-sized wieners, the hot dog specIality kiosk has expanded to a full-fledged cafe and renamed to The Rockin’ Diner with a new location at 11 Club Street.

Occupying two adjacent units of the two story shophouse along the Club Street, the new American-style restaurant now come with a fuller menu, besides the pupular hot dogs, The Rockin’ Diner now included all day breakfast, main, bar items, salads, burgers and sandwiches, of course, desserts for the sweet-tooth.

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The Rockin’ Diner is adamant in keeping the American-style American, generous portions and is all about over-indulgence. The vast selection of imported artisan beers perfectly to complement the American way.

The ambience has a classic and comfy setting relies on natural air and fans to keep the place airy.

Bacon Fries $12.99

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Chuck of fried potatoes wrapped with fried Bacon, great snack to kick start the night. The lunchon sticks were high on sodium else we could have wolfed down all of them

The Frankenstein $11.99

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Half pork and half beef sausage wrapped in bacon and topped with beanless chilli, Hawt sauce and caramelized onions. The sausage is a house recipe and bouncy to the bite, complemented well from their signature beanless chilli sauce.

Little Italy’s Killa’ Lasagne $15.99

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The same signature beanless chilli sauce was sandwiched in between the thin layers of pasta which was soft and salivating, the signature bean less chilli sauce was awesome and it was found to be extensively used in many of the dishes here.

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Philadelphia Cheese Steak $15.99

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This is another signature dish on the menu. Tenderly filleted steak covered in caramelised onions, sautéed peppers and 3 types of cheeses served on a ciabatta bread. You can feel the flavour subjugated the mouth when you sink your teeth in it.

Beanless chili sauce $7.99

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The Rockin’ Diner signature sauce, repeatedly found in many of the dishes and a must try here.

Foie gras Hot dog

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Pork sausage topped with luxury foie gras and special sauce blueberry and mustard mixture. A unique combination we thought. This is a new invention and we are lucky to have the first bite.

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Nutella-misu $6.99

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Traditional Tiramisu layered with Nutella.

Peanut butter chocolate cake 

 The rockin diner 9

Rich peanut butter sandwiched in between the dark chocolate cookies crust. A tab of sweet but a welcome dessert for the peanut butter lovers.

Our verdict;

The Rockin’ Diner is a place for authentic taste of American food, if you would like to have an American love affair and in the most American way with the food, do shout it out loud “Good Morning! America!” and enjoy like the Americans when dine in here.

#Thanks Irene for the invitation.

The Rockin’ Diner @ 11 Club Street

Add: 11 Club Street, Singapore 069405

Hrs: Mon to Sat 12pm to 12am (Last order for food at 10.30pm), closed on Sundays


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