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The Old Stall Famous Hokkien Prawn Noodles 第四代福建虾面

The Old Stall Famous Hokkien Prawn Noodles 第四代福建虾面

4th generation, The Old Stall since 1943, Hokkien street, the famous Hokkien prawn noodle. That is what mentioned on the signboard about the stall. It got us into some confusion about the exact name of the stall, should we call the stall 4th generation or The Old Stall? If 4th generation is the representation of the 4th generation now running the stall, we will think “The Old stall” may be making more sense to be the name of the stall. Why, it is about the logic, what happen if a new generation taking over the stall? Are they going to keep changing the name from 4th generation to 5th generation to 6th generation? Anyway, let the next generation to worry about, we are more concerned the food here.

4g mee 1

The Old Stall Famous Hokkien prawn noodles

We ordered the dry version of Hokkien prawn noodle; we preferred the noodles come with a mixture of mee hoon and yellow noodle; it was less cloying to the stomach and mee hoon tend to absorb the essence of the seasoning sauce better than yellow noodle, allowing us to better judging the real flavour of the food. The noodle was topped with chili sauce, sliced prawn, kang kong, bean sprout and sliced pork, sprinkled of the stall’s popular chilli powder – fried with dried prawns is a must to provide the additional zest to the delicacy.

4g mee 2


We tried to mix the noodle with the seasoning and chili sauce, interestingly, after much of the tossing and turning, the white bee hoon was still very much retained its original whitish colour, a sign of connotation that the seasoning given was not in the right proportion, perhaps we should have ordered the soupy version instead.

4g mee 3

The texture of the noodle was right except the flavour which was a bit of underpowered, the toppings were acceptable, however, the best of all that lingered in our taste buds perhaps was the bowl of milky white soup, ones can fully taste the sweetness and tangy of the broth, the results of long hours of boiling from the pork bones, prawn shells and other seafood. It has our taste buds lingered with the freshness and flavourful of seafood. This is the mouth watering special recipe soup that brings them the popularity.

In the end of the day, the real star was undeniable gone to the soup and regrettably we didn’t opt for the right soupy version.

4g mee 4

The Old Stall Famous Hokkien prawn noodles 第四代福建虾面

Address: Blk 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1,  Alexandra Village Food Centre




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