The Lawn Salad & Grill Cafe @ Singapore Shenton Way – Indulging in the green

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The Lawn Salad & Grill Café @ Singapore Shenton Way – Indulging in the green (relocated to Biopolis)

the lawn 6 The owner of The Lawn Salad & Grill Cafe is a gym enthusiast, and he obviously loves eating fit and healthy. Inspired by the Americans who love having grills in their home’s backyard; The Lawn was born, providing us with a wide variety of healthy greens with premium grills to match with. He also aims to create a fusion of Western meets Eastern foods, which explains why they also serve olive rice (eastern) with the grills (western). (That and the fact that the olive rice is the owner’s grandma’s favourite!)

the lawn 12

Walking into The Lawn, we instantly felt at home with the woody furniture, the fake grass to simulate an actual lawn and the comfy sofa seats with vibrant coloured pillows and cute vegetable soft toys to make it feel even homelier! We ordered one of the Chef’s picks which is the Hunky Dory, an Olive Rice set with char-grilled Cajun Chicken, and our own customised salad bowls with our own grills!

the lawn 4 If you order the basic Salad Bowl ($9.90), you get a Mesclun salad with 5 toppings of your choice, topped with a dressing; also of your choice! The basic Olive Rice set ($8.90) also comes with a side salad topped with a dressing of your choice. If you want some meats to go with your salad or your olive rice, you get to add on grills from $3 – $5. Wallet friendly? Hell yes!

the lawn 18


On the whole, all the fruits and the greens that we picked were all fresh, crunchy and juicy! You wouldn’t go wrong with your favourites, whatever they are.


the lawn 11

The rice was a little hard and slightly on the dry side, but it is tasty.

GRILLS Grilled Black Pepper Duck Breast (+ $4.00)

the lawn 13

It has a tangy appetising flavour to it, though the meat is slightly tough, it is still very juicy!

Chicken Breast with Fresh Herbs (+ $3.00)

Slightly salted with a tinge of herbs, texture of the chicken breast is tender.

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken (+ $3.00)

the lawn 14 Tastes like your regular Teriyaki Chicken, nothing too fancy.

Char-grilled Cajun Chicken ( +$3.00)

The chef was generous on the Cajun seasoning; it has a very strong Cajun flavour. Chicken was once again rather tender.

Char-grilled Prawns with Garlic (+ $4.00)

the lawn 7

Prawns used were fresh and it was grilled till it has got a slight brown sear on the sides, taste of the garlic was prominent yet not overpowering.

Char-grilled Mixed Mushrooms (+ $3.00)

the lawn 9

Very flavourful and tasty, the mushrooms were grilled to perfection, being soft and juicy. The mushrooms were seasoned with pepper, garlic, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and maybe a little oyster sauce. One of our favourites!

Butter-seared Pacific Dory with Parsley Rub (+ $4.00)

the lawn 8

The dory was fresh, tender, juicy with a slightly crispy outer layer. Seasoning was light and not too buttery.

Ben’s Beef Rub (+ $5.00)

the lawn 10

The rub consisted of mainly black pepper, although the beef was well done, it was not too tough and still manageable.


Another reason to go to The Lawn, is that they have got their own home-made dresses that are so delectable and unique you can’t find them anywhere else!

Honeyball (honey, djan mustard)

Sour and slightly sweet, this is an appetising dressing, a basic that you can’t go wrong with when matched with your salads.

Maple Peanut (maple syrup, peanut butter, red wine vinaigrette)

We had the oomph feeling when we first tried this sauce, because it was so… quirky. Something we never had before, the Maple Peanut was sweet and peanuty, but you may get sick of it after a few mouthfuls.

the lawn 5

Citrus (orange, lemon, lime, thyme)

The Citrus is a very light dressing that is easy on your taste buds, don’t worry about it being too sour for you to handle!

Me So Spicy (fresh chilli, sambal belachan, mint)

Tastes a little like otah, minus the fish paste. Pretty spicy due to the sambal belachan, so beware!

the lawn 17

Perky Sesame Ginger (sesame seed, coriander root, grated ginger)

This sauce tastes a lot like chicken rice, clearly an eastern take on a salad dressing that is meant to go with your chicken grills.

Apple Cider Vinaigrette (apple cider, balsamico, virgin olive oil)/ Balsamico with Olive Oil The usual the lawn 1

Wafu (mayonnaise, sesame oil, ginger)

Another eastern sauce, special and creamy.

Red Island (sundried tomato puree, grated garlic, basil)

The non-spicy cousin of the Me So Spicy, both had the same creamy texture with the Red Island being on the sweet side.

the lawn 3


You have to add an additional dollar for the following sauces:

Wasahoney (wasabi, honey, mayonnaise)

exotic blend of flavours, this sauce was very appetising. For those that doesn’t dare try wasabi on its’ own, this will be a good chance! For those that love wasabi, get it anyway because you won’t get this anywhere else!

Manly Mango (mango puree, triple vinegar)

The sauce clearly lived up to its name, all you could taste was mango.

Beachy Peachy (peach puree, white wine vinaigrette, virgin olive oil)

A little too oily to our liking, but otherwise it tastes like how you would expect it to. We all felt too guilt-free after the end of the meal, so we decided to try some tiramisu from The Tiramisu Hero.


the lawn 15

Rather decent, we absolutely loved the packaging featuring the cute Sir Antonio cat. The tiramisu was slightly dry on the top, with only the bottom layer having soaked up the coffee liquor, locking in the flavour. (be sure to dip your spoon all the way in for the full experience!)

the lawn 16

The Lawn salad and grill café provides quality food at affordable prices in a comfortable environment; this is definitely one place we would visit again to get our fix of healthy AND tasty food!

 the lawn 2

The Lawn Salad & Grill Café @ Singapore Shenton Way

A: The Lawn At Biopolis, 31 Biopolis Way, #01-07, Nanos, Singapore 138669

Monday – Friday
10:30am – 09:00pm (Last order at 8.15pm)
10:30am – 04:00pm (Last order at 3.15pm)

T : +65 64789739

WHATSAPP : +6584033426


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