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The Jelly Hearts @ Downtown East Singapore – adorable hearts that we love !

The Jelly Hearts @ Downtown East Singapore – adorable hearts that we love !

I had my very first bite of the jelly hearts during some bazaar when a group of secondary school kids were selling them in small little pieces. My initial reaction when I saw the cheesecake was “This is adorable and it actually tastes good!” I only found out later on from my friends that they got it from The Jelly Hearts. And guess what, the Glutton Family was invited for a cheesecake tasting session a couple of months down the road – how serendipitous.

The jelly hearts 1

It all started out back in 2007 when Ms Candice started baking a few of these no-bake eggless cheesecakes for family and friends at parties. Praises were sung and many requested for more, with some saying that they were willing to pay to get a piece of that. Ms Candie and Mr Darren then thought, why not?

The jelly hearts 3

The both of them then set up a blog and continued selling these cakes through the website and when order volumes got too huge, they decided to expand in 2011 and head into retail so they can have a larger kitchen to work with. All products shown are handmade with love and they have even expanded to include other sweet treats like marshmallow pops, jelly cups etc.

The jelly hearts 4

We had the opportunity to try three of their flavours, including their Classic Original, Tempting Oreo and their new flavour – Blueberry. And to make sure that everyone is able to have a bite of these Jelly Hearts, everyone of their products is halal certified!

The jelly hearts 13

Classic Original

There is a light, slightly chewy and sour jelly resting atop the non-baked cheese cake, the difference in texture between the layers was a good kind of intriguing. The cheesecake itself was well balanced and all layers went well with the crust!

The jelly hearts 5

No preservatives are used, and the strawberries were fresh. So, eat it while it is fresh to enjoy all the goodness.

The jelly hearts 8 The jelly hearts 9


This time round the jelly tastes a little like blackcurrant juice. Quoted from my brother, “the jelly melts in your mouth and it’s just like drinking Ribena!” There were also berries in the cheesecake layer with chocolate biscuit crust at the bottom.

The jelly hearts 7


Said to be a hit with the kids, we think it could really be a hit with all ages. All of us liked it as it was light and not too sweet. My brother also commented that the different layers looked “very cool”. He wasn’t the only one that was captivated by the beauty of the cakes, I found myself enjoying every single moment as I sliced through the cakes into the different layers. (yes, I’m a young kid at heart).

The jelly hearts 10

The Jelly Hearts has more to offer than just these 3 flavours, so do head down to their shop or their website to find out more about their wide range of products! They cater to all sorts of events from very intimate affairs such as weddings and baby showers to corporate events.

The jelly hearts 12

Our verdict, definitely a great delectable dessert after a meal: the melt in your mouth fruit jelly, fragrant digestive biscuit and the soft cheesy cake combination create a wonderfully light dessert that is somehow fascinating to all ages. “Sis, Can I have the last piece please?” My glutton brother is relentless when it comes to good food, and his yearning for more could not be a better endorsement for The Jelly Hearts. Of course, being the good sister that I am, I (admittedly, reluctantly) relinquished the last piece to him.

The jelly hearts 6

The Jelly Hearts

Add: 1 Pasir Ris Close, ehub@downtown east @02-111, Singapore 519599

Tel: 6583 8782

Hrs: 11am – 9.30pm daily





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