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The Chinese Kitchen @ Cavan Road

The Chinese Kitchen @ Cavan Road

 The Chinese Kitchen

Tucked within rows of shop houses, The Chinese Kitchen was officially opened late Oct 2017.

The Chinese name 厨神私房菜 has its weight, as the name implies, all dishes of the restaurant are curated by local renowned Chef Austen Ong. Dubbed 厨神 or Masterchef by the culinary industry and the former president of Society of Chinese Cuisine Chef (Singapore), his achievements include Gold medallist of Asian Cuisine in the 8th FHA International Salon Culinaire, Most Creative award in the 4th World Championship of Chinese Cuisine and Champion of Taipei’s World Culinary Contest in both 2005 and 2007.

 Cavan Road

Chef Austen has spared no effort to present the traditional old granny’s Chinese dishes in innovative ways. The menu is crafted with the cooking techniques and ingredients of the 50s and 60s. Different elements are added for a touch of modernism. It is a good strategy to differentiate from other Chinese restaurants.


Pork Trotter Jelly, Passionfruit Infused Cucumber 百香果脆瓜猪脚冻 $10


The traditional Teochew cold dish is a rare find nowadays. The collagen-rich jelly was pleasant at every bite with its perfect texture – soft but chewy, passionfruit-infused cucumber was heavenly with the crunchiness and flavour that went seamlessly well with the Pork trotter jelly.

Organic Orka, Pickle Chili剁椒有机秋葵 $8


Only organic Orka was used in this appetizer, served with pickled chill that helped to infuse a nice flavour and a unique combination to kick start the meal. The pickled chilli complemented the ladyfingers really well.

Crispy Baby Squid & Pomelo Salad 小海兔柚子沙拉 $10


Lovely crispy baby squids, served with sweet and juicy pomelo in the salad form.

*Wok Fried Jumbo Fresh Water Prawn, Assam Basil Sauce 亚叁罗勒酱炒淡水大虾 $13/pc


There was no question about the freshness of the prawns, but the flavour of Assam Basil somehow fell flat, overwhelmed by the sourness from the Assam. Perhaps some spiciness could add more character to this dish.

Charcoal Grilled Orange Sea Perch with Sea Salt & Spices 海盐炭烤长寿鱼$62


The orange sea perch was charcoal-grilled, which is extremely rare considering the fact that charcoal-grilling is prohibited in most of the eateries in Singapore for safety and environment concerns.

Charcoal-grilling obviously has it merits with its unique charred flavour,  but requires good skills and a time-consuming process to attain the perfect result. The charcoal-grilled orange sea perch was seasoned with sea salt and spices. The fish was slightly dry but paired well with the dipping sauce.

Charcoal Grilled Garlic Spring Chicken 炭烤回味春鸡$15


The charcoal grilled garlic spring chicken was the star of the dinner; it had the perfect flavour and tender texture, truly finger licking good. A must order dish here.

Signature Old Fifty Collagen Broth (Ocean Catch) 招牌五十年代老火靓汤 (海鱼)$40 (Standard) $58 (Upsize)


Another well-loved dish from The Chinese Kitchen, the broth consists of a soup base with chicken, duck, pork and fish skin. Choose from 3 different types of fish, Ocean Catch, Wild Caught and Snapper to be simmered in the broth, which is customizable too(Original/Miso/Spicy). This heart-warming broth retains the cooking style of the 50s, simmered over charcoal for 10 hours, hence the name Old Fifty.

*Steamed Organic Eggplant, Fresh Nagaimo, Black Garlic Sauce 黑蒜酱蒸茄子淮山 $3.50 per piece


The healthiest dish you can expect, organic eggplant with fresh Nagaimo and black garlic sauce.

Braised La La “Yuan Yang” Noodle 浓汤花甲焖鴛鸯粉 $16


Yuan Yang refers to the two types of noodles used in the dish, the vermicelli and Korean glass noodle. The broth was infused with the sweetness of the seafood and gave the noodles a good boost.

Grilled Banana, Sea Salt, Caramel, Ice Cream炭烤香蕉、海盐、焦糖、雪糕 $4.50


Charcoal was fully utilised by Chef Austen, and even the dessert was not spared. The banana was lightly grilled for a warm texture to pair with the ice cream. Nice finishing touch to the dinner.

Our Verdict

The Chinese Kitchen by Chef Austen helps to give traditional Chinese food a new look in an innovative way. It is a truly enjoyable place, and we appreciate the heart-warming food which brought up sweet old memories.

Another good choice if you are looking for something new and nice Chinese food.

Note: Thanks The Chinese Kitchen for the invitation.

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