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The Boneless Kitchen Korean Vegetarian – Not Your Average Korean Restaurant

The Boneless Kitchen Korean Vegetarian

“Is it The Boneless Chicken or The Boneless Kitchen?” my two teens were asking while searching the address for the Korean restaurant.

“Of course has to be The Boneless Kitchen wat…it is a vegetarian restaurant, my dear.”

My son always frowned upon visiting any vegetarian food outlets, he has a strong prejudice against vegetarian food for its infamous green and insipid taste. Not sure if The Boneless Kitchen can change his biased opinion on vegetarian food this round.

The Boneless Kitchen – Singapore’s first meatless Korean restaurant has joined the boom of vegetarian eateries and take a slice of the cake in this growing sector.
Located in one of the industrial buildings near the Tai Seng MRT, The Boneless Kitchen provides a good alternative to the blue-collars around this area that are seeking a healthier meal.

The restaurant setup is simple, Tatami floor seating meant for those who prefer a more authentic Korean dining experience or the table seating if sitting on the floor does not bode well for your body posture. The place is air-conditioned and not too crowded when we made the visit over the weekend before the lunch peak hour.

The soup of the Beoseot Jjigae / Mushroom Stew with rice ($12.90) tasted like the miso base since no anchovy or chicken are added to the broth. Main ingredients are assorted mushrooms, tofu, and carrot. You will certainly enjoy the earthy flavour of the various types of fresh mushrooms. The broth was tasty and that helped to add another level of flavour to the mushrooms, yielding a simple and yet delicious dish that goese well with the bowl of rice. (3.8/4.0)

Without the meaty or seafood flavour, the black bean sauce of the Jajangmyeon ($10.90) has to be perked up with the right vegetarian ingredients to elevate the flavour. The black sauce was thick and rich with the al-dente noodles, but The Boneless Kitchen’s Jajangmyeon may be missing the layer of flavour from the animal fats. It is reasonably acceptable considering it is vegetarian. (2.8/5.0)

The Budae Jjigae / Korean Army Stew ($9.90) sees of medley of Kimchi, Enoki, Tofu, mocked Ham, mocked Sausage, Cheese, Rice cake and Ramyeon. A good pot of Korean Army Stew that relies heavily on the flavour of the sauce and not so much of the things went into the pot of stewed dish. Overall. It was a pot of delectable vegetarian army stew that we all enjoyed. (3.5/5.0)

Not too impressed with the Truffle Cheese Fries ($9.90). Truffle flavour was almost non-existent and the standard was further dampened by the quality of potatoes used. Anyway, this is not an authentic Korean snack so you can give it a miss. (2.0/5.0)

The Ttukbaegi Gyeranjjim / Steamed Eggs ($7.90) was fluffy, moist and packed with eggy flavour. We actually tried to cook this simple but tantalizing dish the next day at home for our dinner. Yummy! (4.0/5.0)

Perhaps we should have ordered the Yachae Jeon or Vegetable pancake instead. This Kimchi Jeon / Kimchi Pancake ($3.90) was ordinary and was nothing worth to shout about. (2.5/5.0)

Kimbap $8.90

The rice roll was well-liked by all of us. The combination of the carrot, pickles, and eggs wrapped with the pearl rice and seaweed was able to make the taste and texture on point. (4.0/5.0)

Our verdict

The Boneless Kitchen provides another good place to explore vegetarian food. Korean vegetarian food may be simple and down to earth, but it still brings you a fulfilling meal that is healthy and delicious.

There is no GST and Service charge which help to keep the price affordable.

Eventually, my son’s frowning face is now grinning like a Cheshire cat. Alright!

No GST and Service Charge

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