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The Bakery Chef

A relatively new café that opened its doors only late last year, The Bakery Chef is a cosy and quaint café decked out in wooden furniture and exposed brick walls. Walking in, we were greeted by smiles from the staff standing behind the cake display counter which boasted many varieties of cakes, alongside many other options like cupcakes, macarons, waffles etc. We loved the ambience and couldn’t wait to try what The Bakery Chef had to offer!

The Bakery Chef 11

We ordered the New York Cheesecake, Kalamansi Tart, and the Dessert Platter ($18.80) which offers us the choice of any three cakes, one cupcake, two macarons and one cup dessert of the day. We decided to have the Red Velvet Cheesecake, Rainbow Slice, Chocolate Guanaja, and Carrot Cupcake for the cakes, Praline and Chocolate for the macarons, Carrot Cupcake for the cupcake and the cup dessert of the day was Strawberry mousse/pudding.

New York Cheesecake ($5.00)

The Bakery Chef 4

The crust was moist, but it was very buttery and fragrant. Cheese was very dense and there was a slightly heavier dose of lemon which we liked.

Chocolate Guanaja ($5.80)

The Bakery Chef 7

Chocolate mousse covered in dark chocolate, there were also bits of crackers/biscuit in the middle to give it that extra crunch and texture, and a thin layer of cake at the bottom. The mixture of dark chocolate and milk chocolate really blended well. We loved it!

Red Velvet Cheesecake ($5.80)

The Bakery Chef 6

As the name suggests, the cheesecake consists of two layers of red velvet cake between two layers of cheese. The red velvet cake could have been slightly richer to differentiate it from a normal chiffon cake, as the taste of the coffee and chocolate was not very strong. However, maybe that was the intention of the pastry chef, to make sure the red velvet cake does not overpower the cheese.

Rainbow Slice ($5.80)

The Bakery Chef 8

One of the moistest and densest cake we have ever eaten, it was so soft! Sadly, it lacked any flavour, and it looked way better than it tasted.

Kalamansi Tart ($4.80)

The Bakery Chef 14

The meringue was a little too sweet, but the kalamansi curd was very sour, even more sour than the usual tangy tarts around, so they complemented each other well. There was also an additional layer of sponge cake in the tart itself. Crust was unremarkable.

Carrot Cupcake

The Bakery Chef 9

The texture of the cake was moist and it was fragrant. While I thought that the cheese blended well with the cake, balancing the sweetness since the cheese was slightly sour and the cake was slightly sweet, mum still thought it was on the sweet side.

Praline Macaron

The Bakery Chef 12

The shell was of the right texture, sturdy enough to hold it together and yet so soft that when bitten into, it just crumbles a little. The filling was just DELICIOUS.

Chocolate Macaron

The Bakery Chef 10

There were golden sprinkles on the macaron, making it all the more glamorous. The crust was as good as the one of the Praline macaron’s, and the rich chocolate filling was made from dark chocolate so it wasn’t too sweet.

Strawberry Mousse/Pudding

The Bakery Chef 13

Topped with cream cheese with a thin layer of cake as the base, the strawberry mousse (texture was more like pudding) was a little too artificially flavoured for our liking.

All in all, The Bakery Chef is a place to go for macarons, as the cakes are only average. Still, it’s a good place to laze around in the afternoon, be it for the friendly staff, cosy environment or just the pastries at wallet-friendly prices.

The Bakery Chef

Address: 161 Bukit Merah Central #01-3711, Singapore 150161

Tel: 6273 9211

Operating Hours: 10:00 – 21:00



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