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Thailand Street Food Restaurant @ Yishun Junction 9 – Cheap and Good Thai Food

Thailand Street Food Restaurant @ Yishun Junction 9

There is an abundance of Thai eateries around but good and affordable ones are hard to come by. Thailand Street Food is perhaps one of the few that fits the honourable claim well.

Junction 9 is a relatively new neighbourhood shopping mall in the Yishun area, surrounded by the residential and nearby commercial estates. Thailand Street Food restaurant is located on the ground floor of the mall. The interior design is simple but neat and they do have both the indoor air-conditioned and outdoor non-air-conditioned dining areas.

Thailand Street Food restaurant used to run a food stall selling authentic Thai street food at the Tai Seng area, and the business is now expanded to a full-fledged Thai restaurant offering traditional Thai cuisine.

We love Thai food, always enthralled by its exotic flavours and fragrance, and good ones could really make you salivate all the times.

Yam Khai Dao (Fried Egg Salad) $6

A deceptively simple salad dish but truly a class of its own, delivering the right flavour. The crispy edges of egg white marries perfectly with its sweet-sour dressing and the bite of the fresh herbs, chilli and greens. A case of remarkable food made with the most basic of ingredients, which perfectly embodies the beauty of simplicity.

Unfortunately, the dish is only available during off-peak hour due to time-consuming preparation process. It is perhaps the most coveted Thai salad and so pleasant to eat that we would like to have the second serving. (4.5/5)

Thai Stir Fried Kang Kong $6

Fried Kang Kong may be one of the most basic and common veggie dishes from any Thai restaurant, however, too few are able to deliver it right with the perfect crunchiness with a subtle and bold flavour. We are just too happy to find out Thailand Street Food restaurant executed the dish with a great flavour and texture, so good that we went for a repeat order. (4.7/5)

Available in both Spicy and non spicy.

Thai Stir Fried Long Bean with sambal $8

The stir fried long bean with Sambal is not intimidating at all with its sweet smelling concoction. You can choose the long beans to go with Pork, chicken or seafood. The dish was flavourful and the long beans kept to the Thai traditional style with a light stir to retain its crunchiness. (3.5/5)

Pandan Chicken $6

The chicken is moist, tender, infused with refreshing pandan and light spice aroma. A longer marinating time to allow the flavour better permeate deeper into the meat will perfect this typical Thai dish. (3.0/5)

TomYam Fried rice $6/$8

You can choose fried rice to go with prawn, chicken or seafood. My son’s eyes were wide open when he had the first spoonful of the fried rice. We have to agree that the Tom Yam fried rice is very well done with its delicate, fragrant aromatic charred flavour and lovely Tom Yam seasoning. Texture of rice was grainy and smooth, another highly recommended dish here. (4.0/5)

Omelette $7

Just whiffs of the eggy aroma from the omelette could make you drool. Somehow, the chef from Thailand Street Food Restaurant is undoubtedly the master of this simple but demanding dish. The omelette has the perfect fluffiness and flavour to make it one of the top-notch dish here. Highly recommended. (4.6/5)

Choice of Prawn, chicken or pork available

Tom Yam Soup $5 / $8

There is no clear Tom Yam soup available so we can only opt for the red version. The seemingly fierce iconic Thai spicy soup was surprisingly mild and tame on the taste buds. However, it has not compromised on the flavour at all, the soup was inundated with piquant flavours with the right emphasis on the use of spices to deliver a powerful aroma and lasting aftertaste on the tongue. Definitely worth to try. (4.0/5)

Choice of Prawn, chicken or pork available

Grilled Pork neck $7

Thailand Street Food Restaurant is more gentle with its seasoning and relied on the sweet, sour and spicy house-made dipping sauce to perk up the flavour. The pork neck may be juicy and tender but we are still more inclined to have the grilled pork neck comes with bits of crispy and charred edges to lift the overall flavour. (2.8/5)

Thai grilled pork on a skewer $6

Thai grilled pork skewers are slightly on the sweet side but it is full of flavour, the meat was tender with its sinful high-fat content. (3.3/5)

Thai Glass Noodle Stir Fried with vegetable $6 / $8

The needed ingredients were present – fresh cuttlefish, prawn, spring onion, onion, chilli etc. However, the glass noodle was a little too bland in taste underwhelming with its seasoning. It can be another great dish if more work was done to lift up the flavour. (2.5/5)

Mango sticky Rice $5

Flavour of the rice may be acceptable but the texture of the sticky rice was hard and missing the softness of the good sticky rice. Mango was fresh and firm in texture. (2.2/5)

Red Ruby $3

You can definitely enjoy the crunchiness of the chestnut wrapped in the lovely red tapioca jelly that swim in a bowl of the coconut milk and ice, a refreshing touch to the meal. (3.0/5)

Our verdict

We have dined in many Thai eateries around the island and few have made it a memorable with both the quality and price. This hidden gem in Yishun has somehow left us with a deep impression. Thailand Street Food restaurant may be small and new but the important thing is, most of the dishes here work and work well. The very reasonable and affordable prices with no GST and Service Charge provides another reason that warrants many future visits.

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