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Thai Express Review – Thai Style Soft Shell Crab Lo Hei

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Yu Sheng or Lo Hei is now a lunar new year tradition for the Chinese Singaporean, the shredded vegetable or fruits salad mixture with raw fish slice is widely available from restaurant to cafes or even the zi char stall in the coffeeshop. It is no more a predominantly dish on the Chinese restaurant’s menu during the lunar new year.  As it gaining the popularity here, this festive platter and a very Singaporean creation has now found its way into French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and even Thai restaurant just named a few.

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The use of unusual ingredients in the yu sheng is one of the unique characteristics can be found in those non Chinese restaurants. It is interesting to find Kim Chi Yu Sheng, Wagyu Beef Yu Sheng and now we got the chance to try Soft shell crab Yu Sheng from Thai Express.

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Thai-Style Soft Shell Crab Lo Hei ($22.80++) was our first this year, the two golden deep fried soft shell crabs replaced the traditional raw fish in the platter, if fish is conflated with its abundance in the yu sheng, golden crabs is well fitted the symbolization of prosperity. The ingredients comes with the usual must have carrot and radish, there was cucumber, shredded green and red capsicums added to make it more scintillating. Thai Express yu sheng do not lace with plum sauce or kumquat paste but instead fish sauce was used as the flavouring.

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Yu Sheng must be Lo Hei or toss around symbolizes another great year ahead, everyone at the same time utters all the auspicious wishes, and this is the most interesting part of eating Yu Sheng, seeing the two golden crabs jumping around in the pile of the shredded veggies was just amazing.  To us, eating yu sheng is more symbolic than appreciating the taste or flavour, it is the moment of togetherness and looking for another good year is really what we cherished the most.

The year of Sheep is just around the corner and do take the opportunities to toss the Yu Sheng and we wish everyone a year that will fill with good health, happiness and prosperity. Huat Ah!

Note: Thanks Jamie for the complimentary voucher!

Thai Express – Thai Style Soft Shell Crab Lo Hei 

Refer to the website for the details of all the branches in Singapore


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  1. Anyone knows about this traditional Lou Yu Sheng, actually this dish has to take at the 7 days of lunar new year and is a Cantonese dish. I feel that all this restaurant are very commercial and make money with all various type of ingredients without knowing what is the meaning of this dish. Normally people use IKAN PARANG fish for this dish, not SALMOM, ABALONE or others. It defeat the purpose of the dish meaning.


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