Thai Express Restaurant – Fish Porridge To Die For

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Thai Express Restaurant – Fish porridge to die for

We truly enjoyed our recent Bangkok trip with the opportunities to taste many of the delectable and authentic local food, however, if you ask what is the most memorable food that we have missed the most, we have no second thought or hesitation to tell you that it is not the fascinating restaurant seafood or the salivating pastries from the cafes that create the biggest impacts to our taste buds. The one that we missed the most is something too insignificant to most of the people – The Thai Teochew Fish Porridge.

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We fall in love with it on the first day of our visit in Bangkok and never failed to have it every day throughout our week long stay there, slurped down a bowl of the Thai fish porridge can never be so satisfactory in the whole trip. The carving for this staple food continues to prevail on us even when we had returned to Singapore. We vowed to search for the same unpretentious, hearty and enticing bowl of Thai Teochew fish porridge here and our efforts pay off! We found it at Thai Express!

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The big bowl was filled with generous portion of fish slices swimming in between the fragrance of the rice grains and the heavenly sweetness of the broth. Frankly, the bowl of porridge was too ordinary in look and nothing appealing to the taste buds, however, it was such a deceiving bowl of porridge with so much of the hidden charms in there. The delightfully robustness of the fish porridge was sublime here and far superior to many of the fish porridge locally, it closely resemble of our beloved porridge in Bangkok sparked the rekindle of our love for this dish – the porridge that we are died for.

Khoa Tom Pla – Thai-style Fish Porridge was served with a good dose of the original Thai fare and definitely a solace to our hungriness for this much missed dish. What is the best testimony for this seemingly ordinary dish? Perhaps the quote from my wife Hui Ping and daughter QiQi explain all, “I know what to order in my next visit to Thai Express.”, and you bet I will do the same.

Refer to the website for the details of all the branches in Singapore


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