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Thai Boat Noodle @Bedok Point

Thai Boat Noodle @Bedok Point

Taking over Khun Mee Thai, Thai Boat Noodles @Bedok Point continues the legacy of its predecessor, serving authentic Thai boat noodles. We loved Khun Mee Thai for its delectable bowls of Thai wanton mee, can Thai Boat Noodle convince the patrons the same way?

Thai Boat Noodle 9

Thai Boat Noodle offers the “cheapest” wanton mee at S$1 each in town, and of course cheap could be nebulous with the dainty serving. You can literally gulp down the bowl of noodle in one or two mouthfuls, the intention is clear for you have a taste of different flavours before embarking on the final choice.

Mini Boat Noodles or Kuai Tiao Ruea Boat Noodle Dry Spicy $1.0

Thai Boat Noodle 3

The One-mouth rice noodle was topped with sliced pork, meat ball, ground peanuts, veggies and lard. Seasoned sweet-flavoured sauce with the spiciness to provide the taste, overall a nice bowl of noodle.

Boat Noodle Soup Spicy $1.0

Toppings are exactly the same but served in the soup base. The pork broth was savoury and spicy, but overall the least favourite among the three mini bowl noodles.

Mini Tom Yum $1.5

A good Tom Yum soup base that hits the right spots. The right level of spiciness, savoury and sourness was a pleasant to the tastebuds. Our favourite among the three mini noodles.

Stir fried Kang Kong $6

Thai Boat Noodle 8

Generous serving size for the price but not impressive, be it the taste of the texture.

Chicken winglet $6.8

Thai Boat Noodle 2

Thai fried chicken wings are usually mid-wings cut into half to separate the ulna and radius bone, saving you the hassle when eating the mid wing, especially to salvage the meat in between the two bones. It is always our favourite with its nice crisp coating, juicy and tender meat.

Phad Thai $7.8

Thai Boat Noodle 4

The Phad Thai was reasonably good with the taste and texture.

Egg Omelette $6.8

Thai Boat Noodle 7

An ordinary egg omelette that could be fluffier and more flavourful.

Ba Mee Lava Egg Dry $7.2

Thai Boat Noodle 5

The Ba mee come with lava egg, veggies, char siew, copious amounts of lard and crispy fried wanton skin. The yellow noodle was “pale” looking and not appealing at all, noodle was too a tad too dry with no visible sauce added. There was some taste but when compared to Khun Mee Thai, the Bak Mee from Thai Boat Noodle has a distinct gap to bridge.

Thai Boat Noodle 6

Our verdict

There are Thai Boat Noodle shops and stalls sprouting around every month and competition will likely be intense. In order to whet the appetite of the finicky diners, the anchored stars of their Thai boat noodles have to truly stand out and make a deep impact on the patrons.

Stepping out of the restaurant, we kind of missed the Thai wanton from Khun Mee Thai.

8% Service charge and GST applied

Thai Boat Noodle

A: 799 New Upper Changi Road, #02-32/34 Bedok Point, Singapore 467351

T: +65 6445 9932

H: Monday – Friday: 11.30am to 10pm Saturday – Sunday: 10.30am to 10pm Last order: 9.30pm


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