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Teo Kee Mushroom Minced Pork Noodle 潮记香菇肉脞面

Teo Kee mushroom minced pork noodle 潮记香菇肉脞面

Teo Kee mushroom minced pork noodle is located in the Tampines famous round market food centre. A place where you can find lots of sumptuous hawker food in Singapore, from the pork ribs noodle, Sarawak Kolo mee, Hokkien prawn noodle, carrot cake, char kway teow, lor mee, kway chap, fish head steamboat and the list goes on. You can find many of the stalls that are awarded with rave review. This is a place where you will be spoiled with too many choices of good food and a must visit place for all foodies.

teo kee pork ribs

When it comes to real good pork ribs noodle, honestly, we have yet to find one that is able to match the standard of Teo Kee pork ribs noodle in Singapore so far.  The perpetual queue in front of the stall provides the best mandate of the popular dish.

The popularity of the stall never made the stall owner arrogant or cocky. In reality, they are so friendly and warmth, you will find that it is a great pleasure to buy food from them. Besides the famous pork ribs noodle, the stall carries other varieties of noodles, e.g. dumpling noodle, chicken feet noodle, chicken wing noodle, minced pork noodle. However, most of the customers will go for the pork ribs noodle and that is the most talked about and the real McCoy of the stall.


teo kee pork ribs

We decided to go for the most popular pork ribs noodle. The noodle was so-so, it was the pork ribs that many will die for. The pork ribs were braised in rich and well-seasoned flavourful gravy for many hours, so as to achieve the ultimate tenderness and the full absorption of the essence from the gravy. The hours of cooking softened the pork ribs so that the meat practically falls off freely from the bone when bitten, so soft that even the bone can be eaten without too much of an effort chewing. The pork ribs were simply tantalizing with its palatable and aromatic flavours by the piquant gravy. 

teo kee pork ribs


However, we were not too satisfied with the noodle, the texture and taste of the mee was not at all great, too soft and lacked of the chewy feel. Fortunately, the lor or the flavoursome gravy doused over the noodle with the chili sauce compensated the weaknesses of the mee.  

teo kee pork ribs

The soup accompanied with the noodle is something that should not be neglected; the broth was a medley of sweet and savory flavours, accentuated by the great seasoning with the taste of expensive flatfish as one of the ingredients, the end result was a bowl of heavenly lid smacking soup. Keep in mind never to leave the soup untouched as you could miss one of the greatness of the stall.  The green chili was a kick as well with the perfect crunchiness and sourness.

Overall,   if you like real good pork ribs, Teo Kee pork ribs noodle could not be too wrong to meet your gastronomical needs.


Teo Kee mushroom minced pork noodle

Address: Blk 137, Tampines round market and food centre

Tampines st. 11, #01-05, Singapore 521137

Operating Hours: 6.00am-2.00pm (Closed on Mon & Tues)







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