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Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant – Premium Wagyu beef BBQ Buffet

We had the Korean BBQ and Thai Mookata BBQ recently and now got the chance for the Japanese BBQ (yakiniku) at Tenkaichi restaurant, located in the Keypoint building right opposite The Concourse.

tenkaichi bbq buffet 1

The restaurant has a fairly simple setup, nothing of the contemporary style Japanese restaurant we used to be, looks like ambience is not their selling point at Tenkaichi.

tenkaichi bbq buffet 2

We were here to review the Tenkaichi’s barbecue buffet.

We were welcome by Chef Naing who has years of experience working in the Japanese restaurant, he helped to introduce the wide range of the BBQ items and put forward his recommendations what we should try.

Tenkaichi’s barbecue is popular with its wagyu beef besides pork, lamb, seafood and sashimi.

tenkaichi bbq buffet 3

Unlike the Korean BBQ meat that usually comes with heavy seasoning, Tenkaichi BBQ believes the retention of the original flavour of the meat and minimal seasoning should be used. What you grill is what you going to taste the goodness of the meat; hence the freshness of the meat is extremely importance and Tenkaichi never disappoint us.

tenkaichi bbq buffet 6

BBQ was a pleasant here as you wouldn’t be suffocated with the smoke from the grilling since the griller is smokeless! At least, you wouldn’t be “smoked” with all the BBQ flavours after the meal.

tenkaichi bbq buffet 7

The beautiful and distinct marbling fat Wagyu beef is naturally becomes our focus, the meat was tenderly soft and taste really glad, according to Chef Naing, each plate of meat is only sliced when an order is placed, this is to ensure only the freshest meat is served.

tenkaichi bbq buffet 4

Raw Wagyu beef? Anyone? Try the Wagyu Yukke topped with an egg yolk, this is the thin and small shredded slices of raw Wagyu beef mixed with an fresh egg yolk, it takes us a big deal of courage to have the first bite…..and….surprisingly it was so tender and without any raw meat smell or tough to chew. The meat is so juicy and flavoursome from the fat and the egg, we instantly fall in love with it.

tenkaichi bbq buffet 9

We may be adventurous when come to food but when Chef Niang presented the Ox tongue – a must order by the Japanese may still sound gross to us. The Ox tongue has crunchy texture to the bite and tasted ‘light’.

tenkaichi bbq buffet 11

Most of the meat lovers likely dive into the marquee item – Waygu beef, however, we advise you not to miss out many of their great BBQ items  the prawns, pork and chicken etc. are equally good.

tenkaichi bbq buffet 10


tenkaichi bbq buffet 5

Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant serving A la Carte , Set Lunch, Deluxe Yakiniku Buffet (promotion at $48.80+) and Premium Yakiniku buffet.(promotion at $69.80+),  if go during weekdays you can enjoy better discount rate.

Overall, if you enjoy Yakiniku or Japanese BBQ especially the premium Wagyu beef, Tenkachi will not disappoint you, the good discount makes the buffet worth the value if taken into account the premium price of the Wagyu beef.

Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant – Premium Wagyu beef BBQ Buffet
Add: 371 Beach Road, City Gate (Keypoint) #01-18/19, Singapore 199597
(2 mins walk from Nicoll Highway MRT)

New address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, #03-129, Marina Square, 039594
Tel: 65 – 6293 4498  +65 6250 8918

Daily Lunch: 11:30am –   2:30pm (Last order   2:00pm)
Dinner:  6:00pm – 10:30pm (Last order 10:00pm)

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