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Temasek Indian Rojak at Haji Johan Indian Muslim Food

Temasek Indian Rojak at Haji Johan Indian Muslim Food

Temasek Indian Rojak 1

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India rojak is distinct from the Malay or Chinese rojak with starch one of the main ingredients, deep fried flour items like potatoes, dough fritters, Tau kwa, eggs, fishcake and prawn fritters are usually masked by the golden brown battered coating, sometime a challenge to tell visually what is the content if no clear labelling, this is what we encountered at Temasek Indian Rojak at Haji Johan Indian Muslim Food, a lot of guessing work required when you pick your choice.

Temasek Indian Rojak 2

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Fried prawn fritters were easily identified from the price tag $1.70 and the prawns on the fritters, knowing prawn fritters are their signature and we picked all the three variations and some battered potatoes of $0.70 each.

Temasek Indian Rojak 5

“在这里吃还是打包?”, (Eat in or take away?) Cool! The handsome young Indian can speak Mandarin!

The rojak was served with a quick heat up together with cut fresh onions, green chilli and a bowl of dipping sauce made of sweet potato, chili, peanut and seasoning.

Temasek Indian Rojak 4

We do not have too high the expectation with our past experience with Indian rojak, not terrible bad but we just haven’t found a real good one so far.

Em……hey…..Not bad leh! The first mouthful straight away got the thumb up from all of us.

Yes, the rojak was surprisingly good, the battered coating was not the usual hard and floury coating but soft and flavourful. The potatoes was amazingly soft as well, this is a hard to come by good Indian rojak.

Dipping sauce was rich potent and tasty, tangy mildly spiced and savoury, making the sauce a perfectly pairing with the rojak.

Temasek Indian Rojak 3

The three different types of prawn fitters were equally salivating, different sizes and types of shrimps were used but the coating seems to be similar and taste alike. Amongst the three fritters, the fritter used the bigger prawns score the lowest in our review; the shell was so hard that we had difficulty to crush it with the jaws! (By the way, we are still young and nothing to do with the age.) Worst of all, the shell poked into my jaws and it hurts!!

Our verdict:

Even with the bad experience with the cut from the prawn shell, it has not shattered our praise to the impeccably well done deep fried dough. In every rendition, every item was perfectly cooked and this is perhaps the first time that our jaws don’t feel the stress and tiredness to chew and complete the Indian rojak.

We all know well deep in our hearts, Temasek Indian Rojak at Haji Johan Indian Muslim Food is the place to go for good Indian rojak. If there is a nomination for best Indian rojak in Singapore, the sumptuous food at Temasek Indian Rojak definitely warrant our support.

Temasek Indian Rojak at Haji Johan Indian Muslim Food

Add: Tekka Food Centre, Blk 665 Buffalo Road, #01-254, Singapore 210665

Tel: +65 93350957

Hrs: Daily: 9am – 9pm, Closed on alternate Mondays

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